Laurie Luxmoore Library

Looking for information on a breed of dog, training methods, genetic information, or just plain good dog stories? Then pay a visit to the DOGS Victoria Laurie Luxmoore Library at KCC Park.
Hours of Operation               
Tuesday between 10am and 2pm and on most occasions when an all breeds championship show is held at the Park between 10am and 2pm. Other times by arrangement. Ph: 9782 2984                                

The library is 
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The full library collection can be searched using the
online catalogue or browsing the lists of books, DVDs and videos below.
New Books
The Laurie Luxmoore Library acquires new items by either donations or purchases. Some of our donations come directly from authors or publishers, other donations are much loved works that require a new home. We accept all donations on anything to do with dogs. Not only books, DVDs and videos, but we love to received magazines and journal from around the world and all states of Australia. Please consider donating your precious works if you no longer require them nor have the space to store them.         
Breed Club Collections
We now have many breed clubs' library collections housed on our shelves. Each item is clearly catalogued on the computer as belonging to the particular club. This simply means that if the club requests the return of the items at any stage, the computer prints out the list and the items are returned to the club. If you are the custodian of your breed club's books, you may wish to consider housing them within the DOGS Victoria library. 
View the list of DVDs available (.pdf).
We are slowly transferring many of the old videos onto DVD format. These include training and informational works, entertainment movies and various footages of dog shows from around the world Victorian dog Club shows.
Items for Sale                         
When the library receives donations we evaluate the books on condition, rarity and if we already have multiple copies of that edition. Hence we have some very old and not so old, books for sale. If you are interested in purchasing old books and breed specialty magazines feel free to come and browse through our “For Sale” items, you may find just the item you have been looking for. 
Items Needed
There are certain magazines that we house in the library which are bound at the end of each year. Unfortunately we are missing some issues. If you have any journals or magazines from interstate or overseas and you no longer require them, we would love the donations.   A full list of items needed can be found here Library Journal Requests.pdf

Missing Journals
Do you have a journal sitting on your shelf at home?
Not sure, then check the links below and if found, please donate to the library for others to enjoy.

Adelaide Royal catalogues         American Dog Fancy magazines  Amercian Dog World magazines     
American Kennel Gazettes   American Kennel Review  Australasian Kennel Review and Dog News
AVA Journals   Basenji Magazines from America  Bobtales Newsletters from NSW
Canberra Journals   Claymore Deerhound magazines  Dogs in Review (American)
Dogs Life (Aust) magazines  Dogs Monthly magazines from England  Dogs Today magazines 
Dog World newspapers from England   English Dog World newspapers  English Kennel Club Breeder supplements
Japanese Kennel Club magazines  New South Wales Journals  New Zealand Kennel gazettes
Northern Territory Magazines  Oz Dog News  Perth Royal Show catalogues
Queensland Dog World  Royal Brisbane Show catalogues  Royal Melbourne Show catalogues
Singapore Dogtalk magazines  South Australian journals  Sydney Royal Show catalogues
Borzoi Club Year Books from England  The Kennel Club Stud Books  Western Australia Journals
Australasian Gundog Magazine   Dog News Australia  Golden Retriever News - American
Hairless Dog World - American  Labrador Quaterly - American  Labrador Year Books - England


About the Library
The DOGS Victoria Laurie Luxmoore library offers members and the public the largest canine resource centre in Australia. The collection houses over 14,000 items. Books, videos, DVDs, magazines, and research material are available to peruse. If you are a member of DOGS Victoria, you may also borrow the book and DVDs.     

The public is most welcome to research the canine material in the library and a photocopier is available for the photocopying of articles of interest. Students gathering information for school projects or thesis may use the comprehensive material available for study projects. Film companies have already made use of the extensive material on offer.
Children are catered for with many story books and easy to read children's books on dogs and the care of canines. There is also a range of light reading stories for adults.
Pedigrees of dogs prior to the 1960's are sleeved in clear covers for those interested in researching their dogs' ancestors. The pedigrees of dogs from the 1960s and 1970s are available on the old orange card system for viewing or coping. The library also has approximately 50 years of the Australian Veterinary Association's journals bound up for research on many subjects of animal health, care and wellbeing. 
The DVD section contains breed standards elaborations, seminars, dog shows and general information on care, maintenance and showing of dogs. There are also a number of movie length feature films depicting dogs. 
There are many DVD's on various canine topics, e.g. herding, obedience, rally o, agility, 
dances with dogs, breeding, general training, search & rescue, whelping, mushing etc.
The library has an extensive range of magazines from around the world.
As the periodicals are received from each state in Australia, they are bound for safe keeping and ease of access. The library has gone to great lengths to complete as many Australian publications as possible. It is believed that the Laurie Luxmoore Library houses the only completed sets of some Australian periodicals in existence. 
The library has been very fortunate over the years to receive countless generous donations. Many are bequests from past members of the Kennel Control Council and we are very grateful for their generosity. Some of these contributions contain rare and out of print books. These are kept in the 'locked collection' along with the library's other treasures.