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National Events
A list of National Events including championship shows, agility trials, dances with dogs competitions, herding trials, obedience trials, rally obedience trials, pointer & setter field trials, retrieving trials and utility gundog field trials are located on the ANKC Ltd website. click here

Weimaraner National - 12-14 May 2017
Full report from Weimaraner National Show can be read here.
Photos on our Facebook page.

Defibrillators at KCC Park & Bulla Exhibition Centre
Thanks to a donation by the Classic Dog Show Committee there is now a defibrillator located in the first aid room at KCC Park and also the secretary’s office at the Bulla Exhibition Centre.  

AVA's dangerous dogs - a sensible solution
AVA's Dangerous dogs - a Sensible Solution; Policy & Model Legislative Framework August 2012 read more. Dogs Victoria gives its support to the AVA on this matter. 

Restricted breed dog declarations scheme
DOGS Victoria has suspended any participation in the Restricted Breed Dog Declarations Scheme until a meeting with the Minister is held. DOGS Victoria will review its position following the meeting. 

Dog law ownership - Latest
With reference to the concern shown by some DOGS Victoria members regarding the media reports of the government introducing new dog ownership laws, the management committee would like to assure all members that DOGS Victoria will be closely following the government’s action on the Domestic Animals Act 1994 and seeking to have input into any proposed amendments.  Please take note that the proposed action reported on in the media is simply an amendment to the penalties prescribed for owners of dogs that attack. Legislation covering dog attacks and penalties for the owners already exists in the Act (Section 29, Offences and Liability relating to dog attacks). The government has not indicated any intention to amend the definitions of a dog attack, only to amend (strengthen) the penalties for owners of dogs that attack. 

Update - Draft Code of Practice for Breeding and Rearing Establishments
DOGS Victoria representatives met with the Bureau of Animal Welfare yesterday to hold further consultation regarding the Draft Code of Practice for Breeding and Rearing Establishments. There have been major changes to the Draft Code following the last round of public comment. Your representatives were happy with most of these changes; there are still some issues that we feel need attention.

All the changes that were mentioned yesterday will go as recommendations to the Minister before the redraft goes to the next round of public comment. He can, should he choose to, make additional changes or not accept changes that are recommended to him. Therefore, the second round comment draft may not be exactly as discussed yesterday. But we will have the opportunity to comment again and make our case.

The online submission option will not be available for the next round of public comment. You will be required to send comment by email or hard copy. We were told this next round will hopefully be happening late July.

Code of Practice for the Operation of Breeding and Rearing Businesses (Revision 1)

The Minister for Agriculture and Food Security has now released the Code of Practice for the Operation of Breeding and Rearing Businesses (Revision 1).

The revised code takes into account feedback from the 23,350 submissions from both rounds of consultation as well as the comments from key stakeholders and working groups that developed the draft documents and will commence on  11 April 2014 in line with the council registration year.

The new Code is now available on line at http://www.depi.vic.gov.au/pets/domestic-animal-businesses/breeding-and-rearing-businesses/breeding-and-rearing-code-review <http://www.depi.vic.gov.au/pets/domestic-animal-businesses/breeding-and-rearing-businesses/breeding-and-rearing-code-review>

The Revised Code has been developed into 6 individual booklets to suit the end user:

1.        Complete Code (comprising the full legislation)
2.        Large business – dog breeder (for businesses with 6 or more fertile dogs)
3.        Small business – dog breeder (for businesses with 3-5 fertile dogs)
4.        Large business – cat breeder (for businesses with 6 or more fertile cats)
5.        Small business – cat breeder (for businesses with 3-5 fertile cats)
6.        Working and guardian dog breeding businesses (for businesses with 3 or more fertile working/guardian dogs)

The new code offers significant improvements for animal management and welfare, it ensures a holistic approach to health and breeding management, and ensures every animal is treated as an individual.

The Revised Code provides a strong stance on:

• record keeping to ensure traceability and consumer protection; and to aid in the management of animal   health and welfare
• breeding limits to enable dogs to be easily rehoused while they are young
• minimum staffing levels- to ensure minimum standardsof care and animal welfare
• minimum requirements for exercise, enrichment, socialisation and handling- in recognition that these elements speak directly to the suitability of animals as pets/ working dogs and provide innumerable animal welfare benefits
• veterinary care – every dog and cat will see a veterinarian at least once per year and prior to sale; and no dog or cat will be bred without assurances from a veterinarian that they are physically sound to be bred.

The Revised Code is the only code that recognises that health care requirements and general management differ between breeds and user end points (such as pets or working and guardian dogs) and provides a framework for flexibility in management and health care structures through the business health management plan. The code offers consumers a level of protection they are unable to obtain in any other state in Australia.

All businesses must be fully compliant will all relevant aspects of the revised code by the commencement date. Councils may register or renew a Domestic Animal Business with any condition or limitation on the registration, for businesses requiring facilities upgrades/structural changes for a period of up to 12 months from 11 April 2014.

Hard copy booklets can be obtained from the DEPI Information Centre by visiting, calling or emailing the Information Centre.

Information Centre contact details:
Open: 9.30am to 4.00pm, Monday to Friday.
Phone: 03 9658 4440
Fax: 03 9658 4760
Email: information.centre@depi.vic.gov.au
Street address: Level 16, 1 Spring St, Melbourne VIC 3000
Postal address: GPO Box 4440, Melbourne VIC 3001


Press release from the ANKC Ltd
To read a press release from the ANKC Ltd's president on Irish Wolfhounds click here 

Royal Show Dates

Royal Show dates are as follows:

Sydney Royal 6-19 April 2017
Darwin Royal 27-29 July 2017
Brisbane Royal 11-20 August 2017
Adelaide Royal 1-10 September 2017
Melbourne Royal 23 September-3 October 2017
Perth Royal 23-30 September 2017
Canberra Royal 24-26 February 2017


When taking photos at DOGS Victoria events which may include children handling dogs or being in attendance at an event photographers are to ensure that they have written permission from a parent or guardian to publish said photograph of a child on any website and/or Facebook.