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DOGS Victoria members compliance

Members should ensure they are aware of their responsibilities under the DV Code of Practice, The Code of Practice for the Private Keeping of Dogs, made under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1986, the requirements of the Domestic Animals Act 1994 in regard to the numbers of dogs kept on your property, their registration requirements and depending on numbers of fertile bitches housed, and your consequent responsibilities under the Code of Practice for Breeding and Rearing Establishments.

The revised Code of Practice For Breeding and Rearing Establishments has been released:

For general information on owning, caring for and breeding dogs in Victoria please visit the Department of Primary Industries websites on Dog Care and Animal Welfare as well as Victorian Codes of Practice for Animal Welfare and Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Legislation

Victorian State Legislation affecting all dog owners:

See for more information on legislation.
For local laws and ordinances, please contact your local council for a copy of their Domestic Animal Management Plan.

State regulations affecting all dog breeders
State regulations affect all dog breeders, regardless of how often you breed and whether or not you make a profit.

For more details please see the Regulations for Dog Breeders and the Operation of Dog and Cat Breeding Establishments on the DEPI website.

Breeding of Animals with Heritable Diseases
On 27 February 2009 a Seminar was held to discuss this topic. It was a successful evening with more than 110 members in attendance. Sue Huebner provided information titled Towards an Understanding of the Legislation (.pdf) and Dr Roslyn Atyeo provided information on the topic Diagnosis of Hereditary Diseases in Purebred Dogs (.pdf).

Further information can be found in the following documents:

Prohibited Procedures for dog

tail docking and ear cropping

For more information on the DEPI website regarding Prohibited Procedures on Dogs, please click here.
or download The DEPI information sheet

Dogs with a Natural Bob Tail
Dogs with natural bob tails do not fall under the provisions of Clause 82 of the new Act. Members of DOGS Victoria that own a registered dog with a veterinary confirmed Natural Bob Tail or those whose tails were shortened prior to the enactment of the legislation can apply for an ID card that can be carried in a wallet or purse so that you have it available at all times when out and about with your dog. The application for this form can be found at Members Area> Members Forms.

Codes affecting those that are involved in rescue and rehoming of dogs

Code of Practice for the Management of Dogs and Cats in Shelters and Pounds is made under the provisions of Section 5a of Division 4 of the Domestic Animals Act 1994. It covers the handling, treatment and care of animals along with transport vehicles and animal housing.

Fact Sheet regarding fostering dogs This factsheet provides a general explanation of the legislation. It is not an exact replica of the legislation and should not be used for legal purposes. Always refer directly to the legislation and regulations when considering the legal implications of this information.

What is the difference between a restricted breed dog and a declared dangerous dog?

Restricted breed affects all dogs of that breed. A dangerous dog is an individual dog that the council has declared as dangerous. For more information please visit the DEPI Restricted Breed Dog web page.
The following information is also on the DEPI website:

Sunset of the Domestic Animals Regulations
- commencement date Thursday 26 November 2015

A new version of the Domestic Animals Regulations will commence on Thursday 26 November 2015. 

The Domestic Animals Regulations 2015 will replace the Domestic Animals Regulations 2005.
The new Regulations are largely consistent with the previous Regulations but contain minor amendments.

The details are available in the documents below:

The Regulations can be downloaded from (click on 'law today' then select “Statutory Rules” beginning with 'D') on Thursday 26 November 2015.

For more information contact your local council, email or call 136 186. 

On 31st January 2014, the new Standard for Restricted breeds came into affect which replaces the Standard as gazetted in the Victoria Government Gazette No. S283 on 1 September 2011. The previous Standard is applicable to dogs declared prior to 31st January 2014.  This is an approved standard for the purposes of section 3(3) of the Domestic Animals Act 1994.

New Legislation in Relation to Domestic Animals - commencement date 2014

DOGS Victoria advise members with any breed that may be mistaken for a restricted breed under the "approved standard" to have their dog/s microchipped, have the chip number put on the dog's registration papers and to carry the papers with you whenever you are out with your dogs. American Staffordshire Terrier owners may apply for an American Staffordshire Terrier Registration Card, available in the Members Area> Members Forms.

Dangerous Dogs - a Sensible Solution
To read the AVA's Dangerous dogs - a sensible solution document please click here.
DOGS Victoria gives its support to the AVA on this matter.

Our health testing experience survey is now available at; 

We'd like to know your experiences health testing your dogs. What tests have been good, what's been bad. If you haven't had your dogs tested, why not?  

The survey is for purebred dogs born after 1 January 2003.
Please complete a separate survey for each breed you own.
The survey is anonymous.
Feel free to pass the survey along.

Please do let us know at if you experience any problems completing the survey, or have other information concerning your use and experiences with health testing of your dogs.

The Canine Health website address is