Endurance ires you to run or ride a bike while your dog runs along beside. This is a sport which requires plenty of training as you and your dog slowly build up to the big event.

Club Name: Dalmatian Club Of Victoria
Secretary: Norma Kimber
Contact: 0409 952 505
Mail To:  secretary@dalmatian.asn.au
WebSite:  www.dalmatian.asn.au/

Club Name: East Gippsland Obedience Dog Club
Secretary: Julie Hollands
Contact: 0428441546
Mail To:  juliehollonds@optusnet.com.au
WebSite:  www.egdoc.org.au

Club Name: German Shepherd Dog Club Of Victoria
Secretary: Val Moody
Contact: 5426 4286
Mail To:  secretary@gsdcv.org.au
WebSite:  www.gsdcv.org.au

Club Name: Hungarian Vizsla Club Of Victoria
Secretary: Rebecca Sloan
Contact: 03 9700 0303
Mail To:  becksloan@bigpond.com
WebSite:  www.hvcv.com

Club Name: Murray Valley Obedience Dog Club
Secretary: G Mcdermott
Contact: 5025 7337

Club Name: Ovens Valley Canine Club
Secretary: Kathy Volkmer
Contact: 5755 1264
Mail To:  dvolkmer@bigpond.net.au
WebSite:  www.dogs.net.au/ovensvalley

Club Name: Weimaraner Club Of Victoria
Secretary: Michael Yeo
Contact: 0422 446 996
Mail To:  secretary@weimaranervic.com
WebSite:  www.weimaranervic.com

Club Name: Werribee Obedience Dog Club
Secretary: Sue Hounslow
Contact: 9749 8360
Mail To:  info@werribeeobediencedogs.org
WebSite:  www.werribeeobediencedogs.org