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Night of Nights 2017
One of the most celebrated and social events on the Dogs Victoria calendar is almost here.

Our gala night takes place at the Bulla Exhibition Centre this Saturday, 18 March to crown Top Show Dog of the Year and Top Show Puppy of the Year in Victoria for 2016.  Events commence at 4pm, with spectator tickets still available at the door.

A big thank you in advance to our major sponsors Royal Canin, Dog News and Altegra as well as Computer Sashes & Rosettes, C-Crates, Darren Griffiths, Diva’s Treasures, Minbeemedia and Helen Hill.

We wish everyone a great night which promises to showcase "the best of the best" in Victoria for 2016.

Australia was well represented at the 2017 Eukanuba World Challenge last week which was hosted as part of one of the most well known dog shows in the world – Crufts.

This year the World Challenge celebrated its 10th anniversary at Birmingham’s National Exhibition Centre in the UK.  This unique competition is designed to bring together the top winning dogs from around the world and celebrate the magnificence of purebred dogs.

The Opening Ceremony included the Australian owned Irish Setter - Supreme Champion Northwinds Clash of the Titans - handled by Ashley Reid and owned by Ashley Reid, Tony Eales, Lauren Gordon.   Accompanying Ashley on the parade of nations was Lyndall Black as flag bearer for Australia.

The full opening ceremony can be viewed via the following link with our Australian Representatives featuring at the beginning of the video clip.

Compliments, Complaints, Feedback, Suggestions - a members only service
If you’ve got something you want to say about Member Services at the Dogs Victoria office, we now have a dedicated email address for you to use. 

When you send email to it will be circulated directly to the Chief Executive and others within Dogs Victoria. This service is for members only, regarding Member Services.  Your feedback will help Dogs Victoria better serve our members and their dogs.  

ANKC Ltd Press Release - 9 March 2017 - French Bulldogs
The following link details the press release issued today from the ANKC
090317ANKC Press Release _French Bulldogs.pdf

Victorian Canine Association - Elections 2017
The results of the VCA Management Committee elections are as follows:-

Pursuant to rule 2.73 of the VCA Inc, I hereby certify the results of the 2017 Victorian Canine Association election for the management committee of the VCA.

The scrutiny and count for this election was conducted on Thursday 2 March 2017 at the Victorian Electoral Commission and the following first preference votes were polled by the candidates:

ROBINSON, Jan                   572
HAYNES, Sally                     522
WILLS, Julie                       214
GRUTZNER, Pauline             385
GILBERT, Kylie                   200
Informal                                 39
Total                                     2,039

Candidates Jan Robinson, Sally Haynes and Pauline Grutzner received the quota number of votes to be elected which was 340. A distribution of preferences was conducted to fill the remaining two vacancies on the committee. 

Following the distribution of preferences the total number of votes for Julie Wills was 412, Kylie Gilbert 351 votes and Louise Howlett-Trahar 252

Accordingly, I declare Jan Robinson, Sally Haynes and Pauline Grutzner elected for a term of four years and Julie Wills and Kylie Gilbert elected for a term of two years on the VCA Management Committee. 

Phillippa Heskett
Returning Officer

Berwick A & H Society Inc championship show Sunday 26 February 2017 CHANGE OF VENUE
The Kennel Secretary of the Berwick A & H Society has advised the the Cardinia Shire have informed the society that no tent pegs are to used on the ground that was scheduled to hold the championship show on Sunday 26 February. The Berwick A & H Society Kennel Secretary has requested a change of venue. The show will now be held at KCC Park, 655 Westernport Hwy, Skye. The show will commence at the scheduled time of 9am and the judging order will remain UNCHANGED.


I am very excited to connect with you on my first week as CE of Dogs Victoria. It is an immense privilege to be a part of this organisation in such complex times.

There is no denying we face significant challenges, I see this as a transition period in animal welfare in this country. I am very much engaged in navigating the hurdles and calling on my strengths (and contacts) to see Dogs Victoria emerge and take a distinctive leadership position as a true representative organisation promoting healthy pedigree dogs and responsible dog ownership.

Over the past weeks I have met with a variety of Dogs Victoria management and consultants and we have all agreed to strengthen our resolve to the face these challenges head on, with a commitment to broaden our lines of communication internally to our members and externally to the public. I’ll be updating you more on these initiatives soon.

I would like to express my thanks to outgoing CE Wayne Fleming who graciously shared his insights with me over the past few days. I am looking forward to working with the talented team at Dogs Victoria, as well as meeting members at events throughout the year.

Moving forward I hope collectively we can achieve successful outcomes, not just within the legislative space, but for all Dogs Victoria members and stakeholders.

Tim Adams
Chief Executive

Pets In Hot Cars Are Not Cool
With the extreme weather Victoria has been experiencing recently, it is a timely reminder to draw attention to the following link -

Press Release - Canine Research Foundation : 2018 Grants

The following link details the latest Press Release via the ANKC from Canine Research Foundation.
CRF_Press Release.doc

ANKC Rule Review Submissions & Meetings
The timetable for the review of the ANKC Rule Books for Tracking, Track & Search and/or Endurance has now been set.
See attached link for timetable and key dates - 2017 Rule Review - Submissions and Meeting Notice.doc (word)   OR
2017 Rule Review - Submissions and Meeting Notice.pdf (PDF)

OTEC wish to remind members that the closing date for submissions is 10 April 2017 and draw attention to the specific format and process to follow when submitting suggested changes, as detailed in linked document.

ANKC Survey Results - White Swiss Shepherd Dog
Please find via the following link a Press Release relating to the recently held White Swiss Shepherd Dog survey.
ANKC Survey Results_WSSD.pdf

The ANKC have changed the regulations relating to runner up in group at championship shows.
Points will now be awarded to exhibit that receive runner up in group

New runner up in group points

ANKC Regulations Park 5 Show, Section 7.4 Championship Points System

7.4.2e Runner up to best in group

Runner up to best in group - each runner up in the recognised seven groups - 10 points less than the best in group winner or 6 points whichever is higher The points awarded under 7.4.2e shall not accumulate and shall, in no case, exceed 15 points at any one show for runner up best in group or runner up to best exhibit in show.

Announcement – Appointment of Chief Executive


Dear Members


The Management Committee of Dogs Victoria has concluded a rigorous recruitment process to appoint a new Chief Executive with the skills and experience needed to meet the future challenges Dogs Victoria and our members face. 


Over fifty applications were received for the position and the standard was very high.  At the conclusion of interviews, two outstanding candidates were invited to do a presentation last night to the entire Management Committee, whose members were then vested with the responsibility to choose the new CE.


We are pleased to announce the Management Committee has appointed Dr Timothy Adams as CE.  Tim will join the organisation in February. Tim is a Veterinarian and has additional tertiary qualifications as an MBA. He brings to Dogs Victoria extensive advocacy experience at all levels of Government and with animal organisations, has strategic media and communications experience and proven financial and business acumen derived from working with previous businesses and groups in the Animal industry.


Management Committee wishes to acknowledge the selfless dedication and service Wayne Fleming has made to Dogs Victoria, initially as President then as Acting CE. Wayne stepped up to lead the organisation during a period of adversity and uncertainty and we owe a great debt of gratitude to him.


In the coming months Tim Adams will be making himself known to the membership and we welcome him to Dogs Victoria.





Darren Bowey

Acting President

Dogs Victoria

Autumn Friends of Obedience 2017
Autumn Friends of Obedience, (FOOs) is scheduled for the 21st and 28th March and the 4th and 11th April 2017.
Click on the following link for further details  FOO_Autumn2017_Ad.pdf

For FOOs to continue to help our triallers, we need more helpers. Even if you have two dogs and can only come late, you can still help by pulling down the rings. Don’t ask, just jump in and help.

THE OTEC HAS A PARTICULAR PROBLEM WITH OFFERING RALLY. Always very popular, lots of triallers but few helpers. If we are to continue to accommodate everyone, we especially need people who are willing to set up courses, judge them and offer training tips. Also stewards and set up and pull down crews. If we cannot find more trainers/judges we will have to consider limiting the Rally classes offered.

PLEASE COME FORWARD AND OFFER NOW. Dawn Howard or 0412088055.

Notice re VCA Representatives Course - Performance Disciplines
Any DOGS Victoria member interested in becoming a VCA Representative or renewing their accreditation for the performance disciplines, is invited to attend a training session presented by the Obedience, Tracking and Endurance Committee (OTEC).

Regulation  “All Clubs must engage a VCA Representative for all Exhibitions with the exception of Members Competitions and Dog Matches, from the published list of accredited members, and publish the name of the representative in the show catalogue.”

Performance disciplines include Obedience, Rally Obedience, Tracking, Endurance, Agility, Jumping, Agility Games, Dancing, Weight Pulling, Lure Coursing, Herding and Retrieving and Field Trials.

Dates are:

Monday March 6th 2017  at the Bulla Exhibition Centre, Uniting Lane, Bulla at 8pm

Monday March 27th 2017 at KCC Park, Westernport Highway, Skye at 8pm

Expressions of interest to Janet Davidson or 9788 2505 prior to the relevant session. 

ANKC Press Release and Video: Love is blind, but it doesn't have to be - 11 January 2017
Today is the start of an ANKC strategy to support its breeders, initially, those with Brachycephalic breeds.
ANKC aims to counter the assertions that all short faced breeds require surgical intervention to assist with their breathing. They also illustrate the risks of buying from the Internet and unregulated breeders, plus the importance of seeing the puppy with its mother.

The following link will take you to the Press Release - the Video link can be found at the end of the document on Page 2.
ANKC Press Release_Love is blind_110117.pdf

DOGS Victoria Member Update - 6 January 2017

Late last year when DOGS Victoria faced challenges from the Victorian Government on the Domestic Animals Amendment (Puppy Farm and Pet Shops) Bill 2016 we found ourselves in the position of having to take a step back and assess our entire structure. Many of the ways we had run the organisation for years had not been changed or updated. And when faced with this challenge, which essentially saw us fighting to remain the custodian of pedigree dogs in this state, we honestly saw that we had been falling short in some areas. 

Many of the external challenges DOGS Victoria face require long term initiatives, and moving forward we need to position the organisation so it will have the resources to deal with these over an extended period. To date we have commenced addressing these issues by engaging with a political strategist and a public relations and social media consultancy which together crafted a very effective approach in the short term and are currently planning a longer term strategic campaign to lift DOGS Victoria reputation both publicly and politically. We continue to take a proactive role to ensure the development and fostering of strategic relationships and alliances to further enhance our position.  

In that regard a series of meetings and first round advances to our network has begun for 2017. We aim to be proactive and will ensure we are not caught out or blindsided again. Internally we are appointing a series of new positions to the compliance area to ensure that all DOGS Victoria members are acting under our code of ethics and practice. We are reviewing internal procedures, re-tasking some individuals, updating old and antiquated systems and assessing many of DOGS Victoria processes and procedures. 

Obviously it takes substantial resources to fund such activities, and therefore management committee has decided to put a $10 per puppy compliance levy for all litter registrations received from 3 January 2017 onwards to assist in this ‘fighting fund’ to help DOGS Victoria re-position ourselves as a true representative organisation for all our members. 

I look forward to keeping you updated throughout 2017 and hope to see or hear from you at our events or through social media channels.  

Warm regards for 2017.

Wayne Fleming
Acting Chief Executive
DOGS Victoria

Calling for Area Co-ordinators
Dogs Victoria is seeking Regional Area Co-ordinators as part of their Emergency Response Plan.  Following the Black Saturday bushfires in 2009, Dogs Victoria reviewed its own emergency response plan and continues to do so each year.

We are keen to hear from any interested parties willing to offer assistance to those affected during an emergency in the following Victorian regions:-

·         South Western

·         North Western

·         North Eastern

·         Eastern

Please email Sophia at to register your interest.

Update re. 2016 December Renewals
Dogs Victoria is aware that many members are yet to receive their December membership renewal notices.  We wish to advise that all renewals were sent out via Australia Post prior to Christmas.  To any members experiencing a delay, we ask for your patience whilst Australia Post attends to their post-holiday mail deliveries.

2016 December Membership Renewals

We wish to alleviate any concerns members may have about their imminent December 2016 renewal date by confirming that Dogs Victoria December memberships will be given 6 weeks grace from date of expiry in order to receive, pay and submit their renewal, before it is rolled over as non-financial.  We suggest any member who may require additional time beyond this period to contact the office directly.

s previously stated, the onsite KCC Park security patrol have been made aware of the time lag in renewal time and will show due consideration when checking membership cards.

December Renewals
We wish to advise that December membership renewals and judges renewals will be mailed out next week. For members concerned about the onsite KCC Park security check, we have informed our patrol that members may hold membership cards showing December 2016 expiry dates until 2017 cards are issued. Our security patrol will show due consideration in these circumstances. This also applies to interstate members and we encourage them to carry their membership cards from their Controlling Body at all times. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding during this busy Christmas period.

2017 National Retrieving & Field Trial Hall of Fame - Call for Nominations
Hall of Fame Nomination Forms are now available from the ANKC website at
Nominations are only accepted using these forms. 
All nominations will close on the 31 May 2017 at respective Member Body offices for forwarding to ANKC Ltd.

SEEK Advertisement for Chief Executive Officer
Please click on the following link to view the advertisement recently placed on SEEK for the role of Chief Executive at DOGS Victoria  
SEEK Ad_CEO DOGS VIC_231116.pdf

Train your Hound nights

The Hound Club of Victoria wishes to advise that ‘Train Your Hound’ nights have commenced in the Boxhall Pavilion at KCC Park on Thursday nights from 6.30pm for a 7.00pm start.

The last training night is 8 December 2016 with the break up being held at the Big Day Out for Dogs on Sunday 11 December.

Cost for Hound Club of Victoria Members is $5 and $10 for DOGS Victoria members.
Contact details for training nights – Sharon Sempel, Training Coordinator on 0419 411 878.

Notice to members posted 18 November 2016

Dear Members

I have to inform you that DOGS Victoria Chief Executive, Lyndall Black, has tendered her resignation.

Management committee is meeting next week to discuss transitional arrangements until the position is filled.

On behalf of the Management Committee and members I wish to thank Lyndall for her commitment to DOGS Victoria and wish her the very best with her new position.

Wayne Fleming
DOGS Victoria

DOGS Victoria Magazine – 2017
Advertising opportunities are available for DOGS Victoria members to advertise on the front cover of the DOGS Victoria Magazine in 2017. The cost is $330 and includes a quarter page advert in the same issue. 

To book a cover please complete the attached booking sheet
Front Cover Booking Form_2017.pdf  and return it to 

For further information please contact Janet on 9788 2505 or via email at

A message from DOGS Victoria President, Mr Wayne Fleming

Dear Member

I wanted to take a moment to write to you to provide an update on some of the latest developments on the Domestic Animals Amendment (Puppy Farm and Pet Shops) Bill 2016.

DOGS Victoria have been in several high level negotiations, the latest of those meetings on 8th November 2016, where DOGS Victoria were verbally advised by the Minister’s office that the Government was considering a number of changes to the Bill in response to concerns raised by DOGS Victoria and other stakeholders.

DOGS Victoria representatives were informed that instead of DABs, the changes would see all breeders be required to obtain a breeding permit, which will be made available through the local Councils.  DOGS Victoria was informed that the Planning Minister would be consulted with a view to putting out Planning Guidelines that would "encourage" councils to grant “Recreational Breeder Permits” to people that had existing rights, i.e. people that had already been breeding without incident in any particular property. However, how ‘existing use’ will be defined, and what will happen to new breeders, is not clear.

Leaving aside the fact that the guidelines for Councils on how to administer the breeding permits are not written as yet, and will be linked to a central database, which has not yet been designed, our information is that breeders with permits will need to adhere to the Code that applies to DABs (or similar), noting this is being reviewed by the Department, albeit without stakeholder consultation and as such we are not aware of what it will contain.

As the permit framework will still be issued and managed by Councils, our concerns regarding transparency, consistency and equity in the approach taken by Councils in granting and management of the breeding permits remain.

While we have been told there are plans for the Code to be revised there is no information as yet on what the changes may be.  Importantly, nothing has yet been tabled and, in terms of the parliamentary process, the current Bill is unchanged.

We will update DOGS Victoria members as soon as we are made aware of any developments, but both the current Bill and the proposed changes are addressed in DOGS Victoria’s submission to the Parliamentary Review of the Bill scheduled for 15 November 2016.

I want to extend my personal thanks to each and every DOGS Victoria member who has been active in raising awareness of this Bill. This show of public strength continues to put pressure on the government, and DOGS Victoria will continue to negotiate for a framework that will safeguard the future of pedigree dogs.

With regards
Wayne Fleming

The website regarding amending the Bill can now be viewed via the following link We encourage all members to look at this siharni.

REMINDER – USE OF BOXHALL PAVILION The new floor in the Boxhall Pavilion is now complete. To ensure optimum performance of the sub base so that it is fully “cured” we wish to remind members that anyone setting up inside the Pavilion must have mats under all crates and chairs. Should any dog soil the floor in any way, it must be mopped up immediately. There are still some residue fumes from the new flooring works and for this reason we ask that doors are left open during shows. 

Today all media outlets received the following media release detailing DOGS Victoria's stance on the current proposed legislation.



DOGS Victoria, the peak body representing almost ten thousand owners and breeders of purebred dogs in Victoria, shares the concerns of the Victorian Government, the RSPCA, vets and the community over the operation of unethical, so called ‘puppy farms’ and unregistered, backyard breeders. 


We are keen to work with Government and sector bodies in establishing a transparent regulatory framework that meets both community expectations while ensuring the DOGS Victoria registered breeders can continue to breed well adjusted, healthy pups for loving homes.


DOGS Victoria President, Wayne Fleming, says ‘We have voiced our strong concerns over the impact that the current proposed Bill will have for breeders that are our members, who breed to ensure the future of their breeds and because they have a passion for purebred dogs’.


‘The Minister has said that she has heard our concerns, and we are working with the Government, the Department and the RSPCA on establishing a system that will ensure DOGS Victoria breeders can continue to raise pups in their homes and provide loving new owners with healthy, registered pedigree dogs.’


DOGS Victoria's push for a review into the legislation has resulted in the announcement of a parliamentary committee inquiry, whereby stakeholders, including DOGS Victoria, will be able to highlight concerns over the likely impact of the Bill. The Committee will make their recommendations on the Bill to Parliament on 6 December 2016.


DOGS Victoria members have been active in the campaign for change to the proposed legislation, contacting both politicians and local councils.  At a meeting last night held at the State Dog Centre, KCC Park in Skye, approximately 500 members gathered to express their concerns surrounding the current legislation, reinforcing the need to review the legislation.


DOGS Victoria will continue to work with Government and the sector on establishing a breeder licencing framework that will safeguard the future of pedigree dogs, ensuring that registered DOGS Victoria breeders can continue to meet the highest regulatory standards in terms of health and genetic testing, breed type and temperament whilst meeting a strict code of practice and accountability measures.


-       ends    -

For further information, contact:


Sarah Ewenson, PR for DOGS Victoria,

Lyndall Black, CE for DOGS Victoria,

DOG Victoria Head Office,, 03 9788 2500

DOGS Victoria's push for a review into the legislation has resulted in the announcement of a parliamentary committee inquiry, whereby stakeholders, including DOGS Victoria, will be able to highlight concerns over the likely impact of the Bill. The Committee will make their recommendations on the Bill to Parliament on 6 December 2016. We will update you as information comes to hand. For further details visit

All members are reminded of the meeting taking place this evening (Tuesday 25 October) at KCC Park in Rooms 1 & 2 (Lyndhurst Room) commencing at 7.30pm.

As we anticipate a large number of people may attend this forum, provision will be made for an external sound system outside on the Pavilion side of the Lyndhurst Room.  We advise members to bring their own chairs, blankets, etc for their convenience and comfort.

Dear Members

We need your URGENT help in providing the following information asap.

If you are CURRENTLY having difficulty with your Local Council with issues relating to the registration of a Domestic Animal Business (DAB), planning permits or just simple registration of your dogs, we need to hear from you today if possible.

We require the name of your Council.

Fees charged

A brief outline of your issue. Please keep it short and to the point.

Please email to with LOCAL COUNCIL ISSUES listed in the subject line.

Further I just want to let you know what a magnificent job all our members are doing. I think most members of parliament have either been contacted by letter, telephone, or in some case by meeting with your local member in person.

You are making a difference.

But remember to make sure that if you post on facebook it is there for all to see and therefore what you say must be accurate. If you are not sure please check with me first.

Contact has been made with most of the relevant stakeholders and some discussions are still ongoing.

The letter which was to be forwarded to the Minister for Agriculture as mentioned at the meeting at Bulla was sent on Friday.

Management Committee held an emergency meeting on Saturday to discuss further strategies. Obviously due to the sensitivity of these discussions, details cannot be released here. A complete update will be provided to members at the meeting next Tuesday and details of the meeting will be disseminated to members on Wednesday.

Wayne Fleming


DOGS Victoria


Following the DOGS Victoria members meeting at Bulla on Wednesday October 19, the importance of writing to  your local MP was discussed.

To help in this process a number of hard copies were distributed on the night and below are examples to assist in drafting a letter to your local MP.

These are provided as a guide.  Please remember to personalise your letter as this will ensure that your correspondence to the minister is read.  Letters that are copied and sent in the same format are generally viewed as one letter.  A template is also provided that can be shared with your puppy buyers so that they can have an opportunity to voice their opinion as well.

Breeder Letter Template 1 Breeder letter template 1.docx

Breeder Letter Template 2 Breeder letter template 2.docx

Breeder Letter Template 3 Breeder letter template 3.docx

Owner Letter Template Owner letter template.docx

To find contact details of your local MP please click on the following link

For maximum effect we ask that you send your letter to your MP by Tuesday 25 October 2016.


The President of DOGS Victoria, Wayne Fleming, has a meeting with the Minister for Agriculture, Jaala Pulford MP on Monday night.

To ensure that members receive the most up to date information, the meeting at KCC Park on Monday night October 24, has been transferred to Tuesday October 25.

The meeting will be in the Lyndhurst Rooms at 7.30pm at KCC Park , 655 Westernport Hwy, Skye.

Members are requested to bring their membership cards.

We wish to remind all members attending the meeting tomorrow evening at Bulla that they bring their DOGS VIC membership card along with them.


A meeting to update members on the Domestic Animals Amendment (Puppy Farm and Pet Shops) Bill 2016 will be held on Wednesday 19 October 2016 at the Bulla Exhibition Centre at 7.30pm in Room One.

An update will also be provided on the recent meeting with the Ministers Office and the Domestic Animal Unit 

If you have any specific questions in relation to the bill please email with Subject : AMENDMENT TO LEGISLATION and we will endeavor to obtain answers prior to the meeting.

Message from the President - Wayne Fleming

Dear Members,

Management Committee understand that you are very anxious to know what is happening in regards to the Domestic Animals Amendment (Puppy Farms and Pet Shops) Bill 2016. These are the facts as we know them: 

·  C* Currently, Dogs Victoria have been fortunate to hold Applicable Organisation status which, in brief, allows Dogs Victoria members to:

1)     1.  keep up to ten fertile females without having to register with their council as a Domestic Animal Business

2)     2.  be exempt from local government regulations that requires desexing of dogs owned in that council 

3)     3.  discounted council registration fees

·    *   Dogs Victoria have been aware for several months that all Applicable Organisations are required to reapply for their Applicable Organisation Status at the end of 2016. There have been several meetings with Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport, and Resources (DEDJTR) where the ongoing requirements and obligations of Applicable Organisation status have been clearly explained. Dogs Victoria have formed a working group, headed by a consultant experienced in this field, to develop a submission to cover our application for renewal of the Applicable Organisation status.


*  On Wednesday 12th, Dogs Victoria was informed via a fact sheet (available on the DV website and Facebook page of changes to the exemptions offered under the Applicable Organisation status. This was the first DV had heard of these changes.

These changes will mean that ALL Dogs Victoria members who wish to breed a litter will be required to register their premises as a domestic animal business with their local council in the year that they breed the litter, and comply with the mandatory Code of Practice for the Operation of Breeding and Rearing Businesses 2014 (the Code). If the member does not breed a litter in any given year (April to April, to coincide with council registrations) they need not register the premises in that year.


·    *   It is important that Dogs Victoria is successful in their application to retain Applicable Organisation status to ensure that DV members are still entitled to the exemption afforded to members of an Applicable Organisation of not having to desex their dogs (even if their council requires it) and the discount on dog registration fees.


·    *   Representatives from Dogs Victoria met with Minister Pulford’s Chief of Staff Megan Berry and Dr Mariko Lauber from the Domestic Animal Unit yesterday (Friday) to discuss DV concerns and to clarify some of the proposals in the bill. 

·    *   Dogs Victoria will continue to communicate with key representatives regarding this bill and represent members’ interests to the best of their ability

Wayne Fleming
Dogs Victoria

Boxhall Pavilion - Update on Flooring Works
The new flooring works in the Boxhall Pavilion are on track to be completed for the Melbourne Cup weekend of 29-30 October.  The area surrounding the new rubber floor will be painted over the summer period.

Once again, the workmen will be in the Pavilion over this weekend and we remind members that they are not permitted to enter the building whilst work continues to be in progress.

DOGS Victoria thanks its members for their patience as we strive to improve facilities at KCC Park.

Domestic Animals Amendment

Dear Member

Below is a statement, together with a fact sheet, from the Domestic Animals Unit of the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources which was forwarded to DOGS Victoria regarding the proposed Domestic Animals Amendment (Puppy Farm and Pet Shops) Bill 2016.

We are in the process of arranging a meeting with officers of the Domestic Animals Unit to be fully briefed on the effects of this proposed legislation for Dogs Victoria members and our standing as an Applicable Organisation.

We will keep you informed.

Wayne Fleming
DOGS Victoria

Domestic Animals Amendment (Puppy Farm and Pet Shops) Bill 2016

The Domestic Animals Amendment (Puppy Farm and Pet Shops) Bill 2016 was introduced to Parliament yesterday. The Bill introduces a range of amendments to the Domestic Animals Act 1994. These amendments deliver on the Government’s election commitment to reform the dog breeding and pet shop industries in Victoria and better regulate the online sale of dogs and cats.

Under the amended Act:

·        limits on the number of fertile female animals dog breeders can keep will apply;

·        pet shops will only be able to sell dogs and cats sourced from shelters and pounds;

·        the role of foster carers will be clearer;

·        councils will have a better source of information for regulating domestic animal businesses.

A fact sheet, Improving the welfare of breeding dogs and cats, can be found via the following link Puppy Farm Bill 2016 Fact Sheet.pdf

More information is also available at, or by emailing

Job Opportunity at DOGS Victoria
An opportunity exists for a Compliance Officer based at the DOGS Victoria offices at KCC Park, Skye.
Click on the following link for further details -

Animal Welfare Reform in Victoria
The Victorian Government has launched a Draft Action Plan entitled ‘Improving the Welfare of Animals in Victoria 2016-2021.’  This five-year action plan has been developed in partnership with the Animal Welfare Advisory Committee, with input from industry and animal welfare organisations.

Now the government is putting the Draft Action Plan out for public feedback and DOGS Victoria invites all members to read the Action Plan and provide submissions as directed.

You will need to register to get involved.

All feedback and submissions must be received by 5pm 11 October 2016.

Download the 'Draft Action Plan document'

Website Link to 'Have Your Say & Make A Submission'

Answers to questions raised at the 2016 AGM
Detailed answers to questions raised at the 2016 AGM click here

Member Survey Thanks

We wish to thank all our members for their participation in our recent online member survey. Every response is valuable to us as part of the process in delivering our new website.

Mrs Rhonda Hall was selected by a random draw as the survey prize winner and is the lucky recipient of a $500 David Jones gift card.  Rhonda has been a member of DOGS Victoria since 1974 - congratulations Rhonda – and thank you once again to all members who took the time to provide feedback.

Maintenance Works at KCC Park
We wish to advise all members that, weather permitting, anticipated maintenance works will take place on Exhibition Area 2 at KCC Park this coming Tuesday, 20 September 2016.  As a result this area will be closed for the duration and appropriate signage will be displayed to indicate this.

2016 Summer Spectacular Schedules
A detailed schedule of the 2016 Royal Canin Summer Spectacular can be found on the DOGS Victoria Summer Spectacular Facebook page or via the following link.  FULL SCHEDULE_Summer Spectacular_2016.pdf
Be sure to check the Facebook page regularly for all the latest news of December's International Dog Show.

DOGS Victoria 2017 Calendar

Bookings are open for our 2017 calendar.  Members are encouraged to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to showcase their canine companion at their very best.  The DOGS VIC calendar is distributed to all members, reaching an audience of 10,000.  Doesn’t your dog deserve all that attention and publicity!  The cost is $280 and bookings close 1 October 2016.  Interested parties should complete the booking form in the following link  Calendar Booking Form_2017.pdf

Front Cover Magazine Opportunity
The front cover of the DOGS Victoria magazine is currently available for the November issue.  The cost is $330 and artwork is required by Wednesday 7 September.  This is a great opportunity to showcase your canine companion in Victoria's premier pedigree dog publication.

Interested parties should contact Janet Davidson at the DOGS VIC office.  Print advertising and contact details can be found via our Media Kit as per the following link  MEDIA_KIT_2016.pdf

Maintenance Works at KCC Park
We wish to advise all members that, weather permitting, anticipated maintenance works will take place on Exhibition Area 1 at KCC Park this coming Tuesday, 6 September 2016.  As a result this area will be closed for the duration and appropriate signage will be displayed to indicate this.

ANKC Ltd Press Release – Acceptable Colours

Please see attached press release from the ANKC   ANKC Press Release 16_Acceptable Colours.pdf

Responses are requested by no later than COB Friday 11 November 2016.

Security at KCC Park

Recently there have been a number of incidents involving non-members using KCC Park behaving in a threatening manner towards our members. Unfortunately this sort of behaviour appears to be on the increase.

Management Committee takes the safety of our staff and members very seriously and will be implementing a number of strategies to address this issue.

Effective immediately, members are requested to carry membership cards for identification at all times when entering KCC Park. Failure to produce your card identifying yourself as a member may result in a request to leave the premises.

Wayne Fleming
DOGS Victoria

New Flooring in the Boxhall Pavilion
Work on the new flooring in the Boxhall Pavilion will commence Monday August 29, 2016 and is planned to be ready for use from Friday October 28, 2016.

During this period there is STRICTLY NO ACCESS to the building for any purpose. Clubs with existing bookings will need to use the outdoor areas during this time.
Anyone entering the Pavilion and causing damage will be responsible for the cost of repair. 
If you have any questions please contact  the Office on 9788 2500 or

War Dogs Memorial
As we reflect on the 50th anniversary of Long Tan today, Thursday 18 August, please find attached a flyer for Tracker Dogs used in Vietnam which forms part of our War Dogs Memorial preparations.

Tracker Dogs.pdf

Any enquiries related to the War Dogs Memorial at KCC Park should be directed to the Secretary of the Canine Museum Foundation at

ANKC Ltd Survey - White Swiss Shepherd Dog Owners
The attached survey has been circulated to all Member Bodies to ensure owners of registered White Swiss Shepherd Dogs receive a copy for completion -  WSSD Survey.pdf

Please note responses to the survey are required by COB 8 December 2016.

Expressions of Interest 

Expressions of interest are now being called for members who wish to be appointed to the newly formed KCC Park Facilities Committee.


The primary responsibility of the new committee, amongst others, will be to implement at the direction of Management Committee, the 10 year development plan.


This is a hands-on committee. To be appointed to this committee you will need to demonstrate that you are hard working, have the necessary time, have an interest in asset management and can work in a team environment. Experience in project or asset management would be an advantage but not essential.  


If you are interested please send your resume for the Attention of the Chief Executive to 655 Westernport Hwy, Skye 3977 or  via email to

Results of 2016 DOGS Victoria Subcommittee Elections
The following link details the recent subcommittee election results Subcommittee Election Results.pdf

Communication with ANKC Ltd Members
We provide the attached communication to all our members as requested by ANKC Ltd.
Communication to ANKC Ltd Members re Associate Membership with FCI.pdf

We request that members read and consider the statement regarding Associate Membership with FCI and provide a response via Sophia at prior to 16 September 2016.  Thank you.

New Facebook Page
We have a new Facebook page called DOGS Victoria Royal Canin Summer Spectacular. This page will be used for all things Summer Spectacular for 2016. Click on the following link to view.

New date for September MC Meeting

Following last week’s Management Committee meeting please make note of the new dates for the September 2016 MC meeting. 

  •   Item close off for members and affiliates -  Thursday 1 September 2016
  •           Management Committee meeting - Wednesday 14 September 2016.

Email Scam Alert

It has been brought to our attention of an email scam that was recently experienced by one of our affiliated clubs.  On this occasion the club President’s email address was used to request payment of an account via the Treasurer’s email.  The scam has been reported to the police.  We bring this to your attention and request all clubs to be vigilant of scams at all times and to report any suspicious activity to the Police.


We wish to advise all members that any items left behind at KCC Park, whether around the grounds or in the pavilion area, are now recovered and held at our office for a period of 3 months.  If items are not reclaimed within that time they are donated to charity.  Please contact the DOGS VIC office if you suspect any of your lost possessions may be here.

ANKC Ltd - Rottweiler Survey
The ANKC has issued a survey for the attention of and completion by any member who has owned a registered Rottweiler for at least 12 months or more.  Closing date is 7 September 2016.  Click on the following link to read further details and to access the survey.

ANKC Breed Survey- Rottweiler NBT - Final.pdf

Junior Handler State Final 

The Victorian State Junior Handler Final was held last Saturday in conjunction with the Junior Kennel Club Championship Show.

Once again our JKC committee did a fabulous job working hard to coordinate Junior Handler competitors, dogs & swap dogs at the same time as running a very successful Championship show – well done to each & everyone on the committee.

Our Juniors are to be applauded for the their sportsmanship and the good grace with which they accepted the decisions made. Congratulations to you all, as to make it to the Junior Handlers Final is a feat in itself.

To our finals winners -

7-10 years Paige Trotter
10-13 years and Runner Up – Tia Koch
13-18 years and Overall Winner – Emily Marshall 

Huge congratulations !

Thanks to Royal Canin for your continued sponsorship and to all of the parents and friends your support is invaluable .

The JKC will be holding fund raising events for the final to be held at Melbourne Royal so please contribute where you can as these fantastic young people are the future of our sport.

Boxhall Pavilion
We wish to advise that the Boxhall Pavilion at KCC Park is only available for authorised use. No member is permitted to use the Boxhall Pavilion for private purposes, including training of dogs, without prior permission from the Chief Executive.

Request for EOI for mobile food and beverage vendors
  • DOGS Victoria is seeking expressions of interest for the provision of weekend mobile food and beverage vendors during regular canine events at KCC Park, Skye
  • For information phone 9788 2510 or email
  • Expressions of interest must be submitted by 4pm Friday 22 July 2016

Update - Irish Wolfhound Court Case

On Wednesday 8 June, Magistrate Smith made Orders in relation to a long running dispute between DOGS Victoria, Loretta van Nunspeet, Graham Jacobson, Tony and Eve Costa, Anthony Clare and Kathryn O’Brien as to the parentage of Gaelhound Heather O’Reily and Roughneen Eve (Dogs).

Ms van Nunspeet and Mr Jacobson asserted that Dogs Victoria had proceeded on a mistake of fact in registering Ornumflow Lord Erikson as the Sire of the Dogs despite sworn evidence from the breeders supporting the registration. The Plaintiffs presented new DNA evidence to the Court which Magistrate Smith accepted as showing that an unregistered dog of unknown parentage, by the name of “Murphy” was the Sire of the Dogs.

Magistrate Smith therefore made the following Orders in respect of the dispute between Loretta van Nunspeet, Graham Jacobson and Dogs Victoria:

1. A Declaration that “Murphy”, a dog not recorded on the Register is the Sire of Gaelhound Heather O’Reily and Roughneen Eve; and
2. That the registration of Gaelhound Heather O’Reily and Roughneen Eve be cancelled.

The dispute between DOGS Victoria, the Costas, Clare and O’Brien has been adjourned to a time to be fixed by the Court. The nature of the Dog Owners claim is likely to change following today’s Orders of Magistrate Smith.

The matter will return to court at a later date to consider the position of the Costas, Clare and O’Brien.

Exhibitor set up at KCC Park and the Bulla Exhibition Centre (amended 28/06/16)

Following considerable feedback from members, Management Committee have reviewed the policy in relation to setup prior to shows and the policy will revert to the following -

Set up policy at KCC Park and the Bulla Exhibition Centre

1. No set up prior to the first day of the show, in the event of a double show, prior to the day of the first show

2. All gazebos are to be set up with the narrow side to the ring to minimise large set ups to the exclusion of many other exhibitors

3. For ring access there are to be no more than three gazebos joined together without a walkway

4. Saved space not occupied at the commencement of the show maybe occupied by any exhibitor

5. No ropes, mats, tarps or other form of marking out is permitted under any circumstances due to safety issues

Statement re. Welfare of Dogs - Casey City Council

It has come to the attention of DOGS Victoria that the RSPCA, Victorian Police and Local Council have received reports regarding the welfare of dogs on a property within the Casey Council area.  The DOGS Victoria member mentioned in the information provided is not an active member of the Association.

DOGS Victoria contacted Casey Council and has been advised of the following - the DOGS Victoria member mentioned has no case to answer and is not a person of interest in the matter.  The second person involved in this matter is not a member of DOGS Victoria and therefore outside of the jurisdiction of the Association.

2016 ANKC Board Meeting submissions
Members and Clubs are advised that written submissions for the 2016 ANKC Board Meeting are required no later than COB Wednesday 6 July 2016. Submissions are to be addressed to:- VIA POST - Chief Executive DOGS Victoria Locked Bag K9 Cranbourne VIC 3977 VIA EMAIL - Subject : 2016 ANKC SUBMISSION

Below is a summary of court proceedings involving DOGS Victoria - 16 May 2016
In March 2014 DOGS Victoria settled proceedings issued by Graham Jacobson and Loretta van Nunspeet relating to the removal of various dogs from the Main Register. In accordance with the settlement deed, DOGS Victoria conducted two surveys as to whether a Conditional Register should be created for dogs of unknown parentage. DOGS Victoria agreed to create the Conditional Register, and place the dogs in question on the Conditional Register, if the results of the survey were in favour of its creation.

The owners of the dogs then challenged the decision of DOGS Victoria to place them on the Conditional Register. This challenge was upheld by the Management Committee.

Although DOGS Victoria created and gazetted the Conditional Register in May 2015, the establishment of the Conditional Register was rejected by the ANKC Board in October 2015.

Today Magistrate Smith set aside the Jacobson and van Nunspeet settlement on the basis that it was impossible for DOGS Victoria to maintain the Conditional Register without the consent or approval of the ANKC. As a result of this decision, their original complaint regarding the parentage of the dogs, and DOGS Victoria's decisions in relation to the registration of those dogs, has been reinstated before the Court. As the dog owners have also issued proceedings against DOGS Victoria on similar issues, the court has ordered that these proceedings be heard together on 6 June 2016.

DOGS Victoria welcomes the opportunity to have these long running disputes conclusively determined by the Court.

Press Release - Brachycephalic Breeds

ecent media reports  focused on brachycephalic breeds as pets and highlighting potential health issues associated with these breeds.   In response DOGS Victoria issued the following press release    Press Release -Brachycephalic breeds.pdf

KCC Park - 10 Year Plan
The KCC Park Development Working Party has made recommendations from all submissions received from members and subcommittees. Members are now invited to make comment on these recommendations as per the following link (for word document)   KCC Park 10 year plan.docx   OR  
(for PDF document)   KCC Park 10 year plan 

Use of Portable Butane Cookers
Many of us own or have used a portable butane cooker, probably for years without problem. 

Please review the following links listed below, before deciding to use your butane cooker, at your next event.  If you own a butane cooker that was manufactured prior to 2015, it may not conform with current Australian safety standards. If you own an older stove that does not appear in the table below, consider disposing of it, as it may not be safe to use.

In Victoria, Energy Safe Victoria is warning Victorians not to use butane canister or “lunchbox” cookers and they have been removed from sale across Victoria.

At their meeting on Wednesday 20 April, DOGS Victoria Management Committee approved 29 August as the commencement date for the new flooring for the Boxhall Pavilion. As a result the pavilion will be closed for all activity from 29 August 2016 for approximately 6 weeks (October 10).  
If you have any further questions please contact Janet Davidson on 9788 2505 or via email

FREE Online Entry Training with Show Manager - What Is It About and What Will I Learn?

The Show Manager training sessions take place in the last week of April.  For any individuals still considering whether to attend, please click on the following link for session details  ShowManagerTraining_What-Will-I-Learn.pdf

Notice regarding use of exhibition area one on Thursdays - KCC Park 
As from and including Thursday 21 April Exhibition Area One at KCC Park, is closed for all members every Thursday. This is necessary to improve the preparations for weekend shows. Anyone using the grounds for training on a Thursday will be asked to move to another area.

Members are also reminded that Exhibition Area One is not to be used for the free running of dogs, please use the off leash areas provided.

Restricted Breed Legislation

The final report on the Parliamentary Inquiry into the Restricted Breed legislation has been published.  Click on the following link to view this report in full.  DOGS_Parliamentary Inquiry _report.pdf

Notice of Herding Rules Review
Click on the following link to view details of the ANKC Herding Rules Review  HC Advert Rules Review_for 2018.pdf

ANKC Press Release - German Shepherd Dog Survey Results

Click here to view full press release from ANKC Press16_GSDsurveyresults.pdf

Responsible Pet Ownership Program - Expressions of Interest
DOGS Victoria has been approached by the Managers of the Responsible Pet Ownership Program for help in recruiting Educators for their Schools Program.  Program organisers are particularly interested in expressions of interest from individuals residing within the following postcode zones as listed below:-

·             Carlton            3053
    Deer Park        3023
    Keilor               3036
    Sydenham       3037
Essendon        3040
Brunswick        3056
Sunshine         3020
St Albans         3021
Tullamarine      3043
Yarra Glen       3775
Hurstbridge      3099
Mildura             3500
Swan Hill          3585
Bendigo           3550
Kerang             3579
Morwell            3840
Traralgon         3844
Warrnambool   3280
Hamilton           3300
Horsham          3400, 3402
Ballarat             3350, 3353, 3354  

If this is of interest to you, further details can be found by clicking on the following link State Govt Responsible Pet Education Program.pdf

Canine Research Foundation - 2016 Successful Grants Press Release
2016_list of successful grants_for State Bodies.pdf

We wish to advise all members that the Minimum Breeding Age for St Bernard bitches was incorrectly noted in the February and March 2016 gazette.  The correct Minimum Breeding Age is 24 months and this will be corrected as of the April 2016 issue.

From the Conformation Committee – Open Shows
DOGS Victoria Management Committee wishes to encourage our new members to exhibit their dogs, as well as provide Trainee Judges with valuable judging experience.

Open Shows provide this opportunity in a friendly atmosphere, where both new exhibitors can learn the craft of showing, and Trainee Judges can gain the judging experience to make them better judges.


Accordingly, the Conformation Committee has allocated a number of days throughout the year for Open Shows.  The criteria applied was, where possible, no other show on the day (although later in the year this has not been possible), and sharing the Open Shows between Bulla and KCC Park.  The Bulla shows will be in the Summer and Autumn as there are no undercover facilities there, with the KCC Park shows in the winter which can be held indoors. 


The Judges for these shows will be selected by the Judges Conformation Committee Group Leaders, which helps those actively engaged in the Judges Trainee Scheme gain the experience they require.  


The first of these days was held last week at Bulla, and the encouraging theme was the number of new exhibitors who attended.


Dogs Victoria Conformation Committee actively calls on our exhibitors to strongly support these events - not only do these days provide an opportunity to socialise your up and coming show dogs and help train the judges, they are lots of fun.


Those of us who remember the Open Shows of the past know that these are fun days, without the pressure of a Championship Show, and give everyone an opportunity to relax and enjoy showing their babies and younger stock.


The Dates are as follows - mark them down and come along and put the fun back into your showing.


Sunday February 21st  - 2 Open Shows at Bulla

Wednesday evening March 23rd - 1 Open show at Bulla

Sunday May 29th - 2 Open Shows at KCC Park

Sunday August 14th - 2 Open Shows at KCC Park

Sunday September 11th - 2 Open Shows at KCC Park

Members please be aware there is absolutely no truth to the following rumours 
 1. that VCA management have passed a motion enabling them to sell any assets of the VCA without  going to a Special meeting of the members
2.  that the management is thinking of selling KCC Park and selling off the library
These rumours are spread by those wishing to cause unrest and have no factual basis
Peter Frost

Information from the Justice Department
Following correspondence from Justice Dept (read letter). 21st September, members are advised that our Rules are to be read in conjunction with the following under the Association Incorporations Reform Act 2012 (the Act)

At the 2016 AGM a Special Resolution will be submitted to confirm the requirement of the registrar in relation to these rules.

§  Schedule 1 – Matter 15

Provision for members to have access to, and to be able to obtain copies of, minutes of general meetings, including financial statements submitted at general meetings

§  Schedule 1 – Matter 16

Rights of access (if any) by members to minutes of meetings of the committee, including any terms and conditions subject to which access may be granted

Model Rule 75 - Custody of inspection of books and records

(1) Members may on request inspect free of charge—

(a) the register of members;

            (b) the minutes of general meetings;

(c) subject to subrule (2), the financial records, books, securities and any other relevant document of the Association, including minutes of Committee meetings.

(2) The Committee may refuse to permit a member to inspect records of the Association that relate to confidential, personal, employment, commercial or legal matters or where to do so may be prejudicial to the interests of the Association.

(3) The Committee must on request make copies of these rules available to members and applicants for membership free of charge.

(4) Subject to subrule (2), a member may make a copy of any of the other records of the Association referred to in this rule and the Association may charge a reasonable fee for provision of a copy of such a record.

(5) For purposes of this rule—

relevant documents means the records and other documents, however compiled, recorded or stored, that relate to the incorporation and management of the Association and includes the following—

            (a) its membership records;

            (b) its financial statements;

            (c) its financial records;

(d) records and documents relating to transactions, dealings, business or property of the Association.

Pet Educator Positions
The Victorian Government is calling for applications from enthusiastic people to be part of the highly successful Responsible Pet Ownership Program. Pet Educators and their dogs will visit schools and Kindergartens throughout Victoria teaching children about dog safety and responsible pet ownership.  Click here for more information.

From the Conformation Committee
Management committee has requested the following be published on behalf of the conformation committee in relation to the DOGS Victoria conformation calendar.

No club should have their date moved without prior consultation and discussion between the club and the calendar and dates committee.

Overall the committee wishes to improve the calendar based on the following premises.

* 12 open show days, with no all breeds show clashing

* Regular date for president and secretaries meeting

* Cluster shows

* Winter shows under cover

* Summer shows at grounds where lighting is available, to facilitate twilight events

* Distance separation – 250kms between country shows

* Metro shows won’t clash with country events (agricultural shows considered separately on a case by case basis) 

* No change to balance between KCC Park and Bulla 

Club Secretaries please note :
Management has agreed that the commencement date requiring all breeds clubs to offer online entries be delayed until 1 July 2016.
Please note that appropriate training will be offered and local support will be available to all clubs.

Attention all Judges

The Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) informs its members and contract partners that it has no official relations with the Alianz Canine worldwide (ACW) nor with its members and that it does not recognise this organisation. Read the notice from the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) dated 20/8/2015

From the Dog Stewards Association
In future all dogs asked to leave the ring following a short list being made by the judge will still be eligible to return to the ring and compete for their respective class in group.
Max Morris
President DSA

Smoking at Events
Management Committee requests that members who smoke be respectful of non smokers and refrain from smoking in doorways or in close proximity to rings.

FCI 2019 World Dog Show - Shanghai
Click here to view a self-explanatory letter from the ANKC Ltd President and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr Hugh Gent OAM to the President of the China Kennel Union regarding the FCI 2019 World Dog Show.

DOGS Victoria members can also view a press release from the ANKC Ltd regarding the FCI 2019 World Dog Show on their website

Answers to AGM questions

Regarding the question asked by S Easton, at the AGM in relation to Advertising and Marketing costs.

The 2014 actual reflects the total shown in the general ledger, it includes $6,935 for Yellow & White Pages advertising which is the figure reported in previous years. Plus $54,248 being a percentage of wages of two staff allocated to Advertising and Marketing.

Traditionally Advertising & Marketing wages have been manually adjusted out at audit time, this year it remained, therefore reflecting the figure as shown in the General Ledger. The 2015 budgeted figure includes wage increase and renegotiated White & Yellow Pages cost.

It has been recommend to FA&B that in future all Administration Wages be allocated as one figure and the General Ledge be altered to reflect this, therefore reflecting expenditure less wages in future.

Regarding the question raised by D Brace, at the AGM in relation to the increased total number of entries and decrease in the total amount of revenue raised as a result of all discipline activities.

This has been largely driven by the change a few years ago from a formula based levy to a flat fee. In the past the levy was based on a percentage of the clubs gross takings plus a flat fee as follows:

(a) levy per dog of around $1.60 plus

(b)  development levy of another $1.60 per dog for KCC Park and Bulla events (but only on the first entry), plus 

(c)  surcharge of 10% (metro) or 7.5% (country) of gross entry fees

(d)  plus the 10% GST on (a), (b) and (c).

While affiliates found this system cumbersome, being percentage based, it resulted in increased revenue to the association as entries increased. After discussion with affiliates, Management Committee decided on flat fee to streamline the system.

At present, affiliates set the entry fee and the VCA receives $3.75 or $2.75 per dog. Under the former “percentage” formula whenever entry fee income went up, so did the amount of the surcharge and levies received by the VCA.

History has shown that under the “percentage” model during 2009, 2010 and 2011 income to the VCA was rising, however since the introduction of the “flat-fee” income has fallen during the 2012, 2013 and 2014 financial years.

ANKC Ltd notices
View news from the ANKC Ltd read more

Are you a Qantas Club Member?

If you have an individual membership, join the DOGS Victoria Corporate Qantas Club.

You do not have to re-join, just fill in the application form using DOGS Victoria corporate membership scheme number. You will roll over to the corporate rates upon your next renewal, regardless of how far away it is.

To obtain the DOGS Victoria corporate scheme number email and include your DV membership number in your email.

Read the ANKC Position statement on Breed Specific Legislation 
DOGS Victoria strongly supports the “punish the deed , not the breed” philosophy.

Complaint fee
Members are advised that a complaint fee of $250 is payable by members at the time of lodging the complaint. No fee is applicable to non-members or affiliates. The complaint fee is to be refunded in full if found by the investigations committee to satisfy a Prima Facie case and the matter forwarded to the disciplinary committee.

Canine Health website
Members are reminded to view the Canine Health Committee website at

Profit and Loss Statements
All VCA committees are reminded to submit profit and loss statements within 28 days of holding an event/show

Conditional Register Regulation 4.1.16

Regulation 4.1.16 regarding the Conditional Register has been published - please refer to the website page - Constitution Rules and Regulations - Part 4 Register and Registration.

Any comments are to be in writing and addressed to the CE, DOGS Victoria, Locked Bag K9, Cranbourne 3977

Results  from the VEC regarding the Survey of Breeders 2014
The results are as follows:-

YES 726
NO 216
Informal 104
TOTAL 1046

DOGS Victoria will give effect to the survey results by creating the proposed register, which will incorporate the three minimum requirements as stipulated in the survey.

In considering the form and characteristics of the proposed register, DOGS Victoria will consider, but not be bound by, a number of models including the one currently used by the American Kennel Club .

When the form and characteristics of the proposed register are drafted , members will be invited to make comment before a final form is determined.