Online Membership Renewal / Litter Lodgement / Pedigree View

The online service is via the ANKC website:  (click on website address)  

Here you can pay your DOGS Victoria membership renewal, place an online litter lodgement service for litter registration and to search and view pedigrees.

You must register for an account to use the online service. Once you have successfully registered, your login ID and password will be emailed to you.  
Please Note:  Your login ID will not be your membership number. Your membership number is used to access the members area (members login) of the DOGS Victoria website.

NOTE: - Memberships can only be renewed online within 30 days of the due date
   - Litter lodgement only available 
where the owner of the sire and dam are the same and the mating is a natural
            mating, not and AI litter. Barcode stickers or microchip paper work also need to be emailed into the office to    
          allow for registration



Go to the ANKC website
  • Click on DOGS VIC, which takes you to the 'Welcome to DOGS VIC Online' home page
  • Click on Become an Online User or Reset your password under the LOGIN box
  • This screen is where you set-up your account. You must enter your membership name exactly as it is stated on your membership card ie  Mrs D Victoria.  
  • email address must be what is registered on the ANKC membership database.  If incorrect email is  entered or we do not have an email address on the database, you will not be able to set-up an account 
  • Your name will appear automatically in the drop down box when you click on the arrow next to Person name.  ( it will take up to 10 seconds).  If it does not appear, the previous information you entered is not correct and you will not be able to set-up your account. 
  • The password must be a least 6 character long
  • Press submit button. (If there is a problem with the password entered, you will receive an error message).
  • (If you have not been successful in registering, a message will appear) 
  • You will receive successful notification, with you log in ID and password sent to your email address. 


Once you have your login ID and password, go back to the 'Welcome to DOGS VIC Online' home page, and enter your login details. This will then take you to Online Services page with the following options :

   Membership Renewal         Litter Registration         Display Pedigree          Logout

Please select a Feature from the above Menu.


a) Membership renewals can only be renewed within 30 days of the due date

b) Litter registration can only be used when the owner of the sire and dam are the same and the mating is a natural mating, not AI.  The barcode stickers or microchip paper work also need to be emailed into the office to allow for registration

c) To look up pedigrees, click on display pedigrees option which brings up the following :

Animal Parent Display
Select Animal Number or Name or Prefix  (Fill in ANY one field below)

The material and data available on this site is protected by copyright.
You must not copy, modify, transmit, extract or re-distribute the data on this site without the consent of ANKC Pty Ltd.


            Prefix:               Name:         

If you do not tick the I AGREE box no further information can be obtained.

Some general notes:

  • If you have previously supplied your photo ID to DOGS Victoria, you do not need to re-submit this information.
  • You may notice your date of birth recorded as 01/01/1900. The online system defaults to that if your date of birth has not been recorded on the ANKC database. The date of birth field is ONLY required for junior members. You will not be able to edit the date of birth online.
If you are encountering issues please check the following before contacting DOGS Victoria
  • Are you using Internet Explorer? (This will not work with other browsers)
  • Are you entering your name exactly as it appears on your membership card?
  • Are you entering the email address registered to your name on the database? (If unsure contact Anna)

If you are still encountering problems, please ring Anna at DOGS Victoria on 9788 2509 for assistance.


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