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Monday, April 23, 2018


Domestic Animals Amendment (Puppy Farms and Pet Shops) Act 2017

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Notices and fact sheets relating to the PFPS Act have now been added to our Government Legislation page for your information.

ANKC Ltd Survey - Border Collie Owners

Thursday, 29 March 2018

Following the October 2017 ANKC Board meeting, it was agreed for ANKC to survey owners of Border Collies and seek their feedback regarding amendments to the breed standard.  The National Breed Standards Coordination Group has prepared the content of the survey and it can be accessed online here.

All owners of registered Border Collies for at least two (2) years are invited to complete this survey.

Please note all completed online survey forms received will be cross checked by the ANKC office to ensure their validity. Responses are required by COB 29 June 2018.

Dogs Victoria & Easy Dog Entries

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Dogs Victoria is pleased to announce its new online entries partnership agreement with Easy Dog Entries.

A call for expressions of interest for online entry providers was disseminated in late 2017. The proposal from Easy Dog Entries was deemed by management committee to be most favourable to Dogs Victoria members, and as such, Easy Dog Entries have been appointed for a period of two years as the preferred online entry provider for Dogs Victoria with effect from 1 July 2018.  This sees the previous two year partnership with Show Manager come to an end, and we thank them for their services.

According to Easy Dog Entries, their system is designed for the Victorian market, with most of the features resulting from meetings between Easy Dog Entries and secretaries and presidents of Victorian clubs some four years ago.  Easy Dog Entries have the largest market share of shows in Victoria and its easy to use platform should make the process of entering shows fast and seamless.

Moving forward, all events held by a Dogs Victoria subcommittee must use Easy Dog Entries (this excludes Dogs Victoria agility events which may still continue to use K9 Entries).  All other Dogs Victoria clubs are recommended to use this service where possible.

You can see more on Easy Dog Entries via their website.  For further information contact the Dogs Victoria office.

Submissions - Lure Coursing Rule Review

Monday, 26 March 2018

Attention:  Lure Coursing Community

The ANKC has scheduled a review of the Lure Coursing rules and this is the opportunity for our lure coursing community to submit proposals for rule amendments.  Submissions are now being sought from clubs and members for any proposed amendments to rules.   As the State Representative for the Lure Coursing Subcommittee to the ANKC, Sharne Quinn (, 0405 708 166) will be coordinating this process for Victoria, in consultation with our state Lure Coursing Sub-Committee. 

The submission window for Dogs Victoria Lure Coursing Rule submissions will open on the 1st of April and will close on the 30th of April.  

Submissions must be sent to the Chair of the Lure Coursing Committee -  Mr Marcus Mellick -  marked “ATTN Lure Coursing Rules Review” and be received by close of business on the 30th of April in order to be considered in the review process.  Please copy in all emails regarding the rules review to ensure that your submission has been received.

All proposed amendments must be in the format of the existing rule that you think should change or new rule that should be added, the wording you would like the new rule to be, and the rationale for the change.   The existing rule book can be found on the ANKC website

For example:

 Existing Rule

 Proposed Rule 1.1

Text of New Rule.

Rationale 1.1

Why the rule should change or be added. 

Rule suggestions not submitted in this format are not able to be accepted as a submission for the 2018 Rules Review process and will be sent back to the club or member for resubmission as long as it has been received within the submission window.

Submitted rules should be relevant to the national rules for lure coursing and we are not able to address general ANKC or Dogs Victoria guidelines.   Items related to the Associate or Sporting Register should be addressed directly to the Dogs Victoria management committee and will not be considered in the scope of this rules review.  Likewise, items such as the Extreme Heat Policy or online entries are a matter for state guidelines, and any queries on this should be directed towards the state subcommittee via the Dogs Victoria office. 

Whilst all submitted rule suggestions and amendments will be discussed and debated by the state sub-committee prior to any submission to the National conference, please understand that not all or even any of your submissions may progress to the next stage of the rules review.  All submissions will be considered, and a balanced set of proposals will then be sent to the ANKC Conference for consideration reflecting an overall state view, along with the submissions from all other states where they will be discussed and debated by all of the ANKC State Representatives and a final set of rules will be determined.  A final recommended set of rules will then be put forward to the ANKC board who will make the final determination about whether or not the proposed rules are accepted. 

Please be aware that no conversation with any member of the Lure Coursing subcommittee should be considered an endorsement of any submission nor a promotion of any proposed rule change.  Members of the subcommittee may at times discuss rule amendments with clubs or members, but they are doing so as a private member of Dogs Victoria, and all submitted proposals will be considered by the whole committee.   The ANKC State Representative is happy to discuss the format that changes must be submitted in with any club or member, but any comments made about that format are in the interests of getting proposals correctly submitted, and in no way represent any personal view on any proposed changes.

The Lure Coursing Subcommittee appreciate that members are passionate about our sport, and we look forward to receiving submissions for this rules review in order to ensure a balanced rule book to benefit all members as we work to establish this sport in our state. 

Expressions of Interest - Sled Dog Sports Sub-Committee

Monday, 26 March 2018

Attention:  Sled Dog Sports Community

Expressions of interest are being called from Dogs Victoria members wishing to nominate for a Sled Dog Sports Sub-Committee.  The Sled Dog Sports Sub-committee would include the following disciplines:  Weight Pull, Back Packing and Sledding

It is envisaged that there will be eight positions.  Please send applications to Jacinta Baker at the Dogs Victoria office. .  Applications should include a brief CV including details of previous club/committee/administrative experience and of involvement to date in Sled Dog Sports.

All applicants should have read the ANKC Rules for the conduct of Sled Sports Events available on the ANKC website.  

Nominations must be submitted by COB Wednesday 2nd May 2018.

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