Constitution, Rules & Regulations

The Victorian Canine Association (VCA) Constitution, Rules, Regulations, Codes, Policies and Procedures provide Dogs Victoria's framework for governance. 

The Constitution, Rules and Regulations apply to all members of the Victorian Canine Association (Dogs Victoria) and agreeing to abide by them is a condition of membership.

'Each member, upon signing an application for membership or renewal of membership of the VCA, and being duly elected to general membership of the VCA, shall, be bound by the Constitution, Rules and Regulations, Code of Practice, policies and procedures of Dogs Victoria and the Domestic Animals Act 1994 and the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1986, the Code of Practice for the Private Keeping of Dogs. Members of the VCA agree be also bound by the VCA's Code of Practice relating to responsible dog ownership, including the keeping, welfare, breeding, selling and disposing of dogs by members.'


Download the VCA Constitution (effective 15 June 2024)

Download the VCA Rules (effective 15 June 2024)

VCA Regulations, Codes, Policies & Procedures 
Download the VCA Regulations (effective 15 August 2024)

Extract of the Dogs Victoria Regulations Part 20 Codes - 20.1 Code of Practice 

Dogs Australia (ANKC) Rules and Regulations
Members are also subject to the Dogs Australia Rules and Regulations.

Members looking for regulations relating to the Pedigree Register, Registration of Dogs and Prefixes, Judges and Judges Training for all disciplines, and the Rules for the conduct of each discipline should refer to the Dogs Australia Rules and Regulations page.

Victoria Canine Association Inc. (VCA) trades under the registered business name of Dogs Victoria.


VCA Procedures - Incidents or complaints at fixtures

Download the VCA Procedures - Incidents or complaints at fixtures 

For complaints lodged with the VCA Representative at a fixture, a complaint fee is payable, except as provided by the Dogs Victoria Management Committee or Regulation Please refer to the VCA Scale of Charges for the current complaint fee amount. In case a complaint fee is applicable, Dogs Victoria will send an invoice to the complainant for payment. Please note that Dogs Victoria will not process the complaint until the fee is paid. If the Investigation Committee concludes that the complaint is proven, the complaint fee will be refunded to the complainant.