Office Bearer Guides

Club Management Guide

Have you recently joined the committee of a club? Do you need more information on club management?

Download the Dogs Victoria Club Management Guide. It includes:

  • clubs and their purposes
  • club management
  • correspondence
  • president and chairperson - duties and responsibilities
  • annual general meetings
  • special general meetings
  • committee meetings

Treasurer's Guide

Club Treasurer's Guide 

Stewards, Show Secretaries, and Show Managers comprise the "Team" that facilitates shows for the benefit of exhibitors and judges.

Show Secretaries Guide

Some clubs have a show secretary as well as a secretary. The show secretary will be working in conjunction with the show manager and the club secretary and it is therefore desirable that they do their allotted tasks in a coordinated and cooperative manner.

On show day, the show secretary is in charge of the office and handles queries and provides an information service to the exhibitors. The office acts as the communications centre for the show.

Show secretaries must exercise tact, honesty, and decisiveness, be affable and have the management and organisational skills, particularly when processing entries and to be a 'mind of information' regarding shows.

In preparing this guide, it is realised that each show secretary will have certain methods and duties peculiar to their own and their club’s circumstances, however, it is hoped that it will serve as a useful reminder to even the most experienced person. Read more

Judges Contracts

An official Dogs Australia judges contract must be signed by a judge and club official for each each club issuing the contract. A copy of the completed contract must accompany the draft schedule when it is submitted to the Dogs Victoria office. The Dogs Australia judges contract can be found HERE [Note: This form is an editable PDF. Please download, save and open up in Adobe Acrobat.]

Judges contracts can be signed by the judge and club official using a digital signature. To view the digital signature tutorial please click here.

Show Stewards Guide

The Show Stewards Guide can be viewed here

Show Manager

Most shows have a show manager as their role can be very effective. It is distinct from the show secretary whose role, is the general administration and dealing with exhibitor queries.  On show day both will work in unison and be communicative with each other. The show manager must be someone who has leadership qualities and the support of the committee.  The show manager has to be obliging and observant. Download the show manager guide.


Trial Secretary's Guide

Click here to read or download.

Obedience Stewards Guide

A steward is a very useful and essential person, a good steward is a treasure, a great steward is even better. Want to know more about being an obedience steward?

Download the following documents as prepared by OTEC

Guide for Obedience Stewards

Guide for Rally Obedience Stewards

Accredited Obedience Instructors Assessment Scheme

Guidelines re. judges competing at obedience trials at which they are officiating

Affiliates may opt to permit contracted judges to also enter and compete at the same event, following the guidelines below:

  • The schedule for the event must state 'contracted judges may compete'
  • There must be no interruption to the general conduct of the trial to permit an officiating judge to be judged
  • Staggered check-in / starting times may be schedules for any event
  • Affiliates must give careful consideration to the logistics of offering this option prior to submitting schedules

Click here for OTEC Guidelines for Clubs Conducting Obedience / Rally O “Learners Rings”.