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The Role of the VCA Representative

VCA regulations provide that it is mandatory to have a VCA Representative at all approved exhibitions other than members’ competitions and dog matches.

The VCA Representative is appointed to attend, observe and report to the Management Committee on the general administration and conduct of the committee conducting the event, to assist the committee in an advisory role with regard to the relevant Rules and Regulations. 

In managing an aggressive dog incident, the Representative should attend the hearing that inquires into the incident to observe the proceedings, advise regarding the applicable regulations and report on the conduct of the inquiry and its outcome.

In the case of incidents/complaints indicating possible misconduct (i.e., possible breaches of VCA Rules, Regulations or Codes) the Representative should conduct a preliminary investigation to gather evidence and statements and submit a full report on the matter to the VCA management committee.

In the case of a dog incident, the VCA Representative should attend the hearing and may advise the Committee on the interpretation and application of the Regulations but should not have any other role in the decision making process.

From the VCA Regulations, Code, Policies, and Procedures

3.5.9 VCA Reps

  • Eligibility (15/10/21)
  • Any Ordinary, Dual or Life member who has been a member of the VCA for at least five (5) consecutive years and not been penalised for a breach of Rule 2.17 may apply to become a VCA Representative.
  • Training (15/10/21) Eligible applicants who are approved by the VCA will be required to undertake training that will include participation in a seminar based on VCA Regulations pertinent to the role of VCA Representatives. These seminars will be conducted in both face-to-face and remote modes using suitable audio-visual technology and will be followed by an open book examination. Those who successfully complete the training and examination will be included on the list of accredited VCA Representatives.
  • Term of office (15/10/21) VCA Representatives will be appointed for an initial term of three (3) years. Representatives whose term has expired will be eligible for reappointment subject to completion of refresher training similar to the original training and including an open book examination on VCA Regulations.
  • A judge, affiliate committee member or event official or a spouse, partner or immediate family member of a judge, affiliate committee member or event official on the day cannot be the VCA Representative. The affiliate may at its discretion allow the owner or handler of an exhibit to be appointed as the VCA Representative. If the affiliate determines that the VCA Representative shall not exhibit or handle at the event, then this restriction should be noted in the schedule. Where an incident occurs and there is a conflict or perceived conflict of interest with the appointed VCA Representative, the affiliate shall appoint an alternative VCA Representative to deal with that incident. (15/10/21)
  • The fact that a VCA Representative has observed an incident and may be the only witness of that incident does not, of itself, constitute a conflict of interest. (15/10/21)

Please refer to complete regulations under 3.5.9 for full regulations.