Categories of Dog Shows

What is CACIB?

In accordance with the FCI/ANKC Ltd Associate Membership Agreement the ANKC Ltd is required to conduct a minimum of 2 Certificats d’Aptitude au Championnat International de Beauté (CACIB) shows per year.

These shows are to be conducted using the 10 FCI Groups and the FCI Breed Standards for each of the breeds.

  • A CACIB may be awarded to the best Dog and Bitch of each recognised breed at the discretion of the Judge and provided it was awarded Excellent (1) in its class and is 15 Months and over.
  • A CACIB awarded in an Australian State/Territory may go towards an FCI International Champion title earned in Australia or Internationally.
  • To become an International Champion a Dog must earn 4 CACIBs in 2 States, under 3 different Judges and from 3 different FCI Member Countries.

Attained a CACIB title for your dog?  Congratulations!  Click here to read what to do next.

Championship Show

This is an exhibition of registered dogs at which best of breed and challenge certificates are awarded. A best of breed and challenge certificate evidences the number of points awarded at the fixture towards the title of Australian champion. At these shows only qualified judges officiate.

Open Show

This is an exhibition of registered dogs at which no best of breed or challenge points are awarded, but dogs which have been awarded the title of Australian champion may compete. At these shows trainee judges officiate and it is considered the training ground for all young dogs and owners. It is particularly good to help socialise your dog as you may show your puppy from the age of three months.


This is defined as the same as an open show except champions cannot compete.  


These are separated into the following categories:

  • Sanctioned competitions generally conducted by non-affiliated societies and invariably held to raise money for schools, charities or similar activities.
  • Members' competitions are conducted by affiliated clubs at which only financial members of the clubs are eligible to exhibit.
    The affiliated clubs conduct members' competitions to assist new members to learn how to train, handle and show their dogs and provide an opportunity for the new member to meet other members in a very informal, social environment.

The show schedule provides all the information that the beginner, and indeed the veteran, needs. In addition to the above items, it sets out the names of the judges, entry fees, admission prices, judging times and sequence, catering arrangements and a wealth of other information. Admission is generally free.

We strongly recommend that new members join the breed club catering for their particular breed of dog. The breed clubs often conduct activities that will assist the new member to quickly acquire knowledge and a better understanding of the sport of dogs. Some breed clubs run obedience classes. However, if not, there are many obedience clubs affiliated with the Dogs Victoria.


A dog show is divided into several classes which are based on either age of exhibit or prior qualifications.
The following are the specifications of classes approved for show fixtures.
Please note where separate classes are provided for each sex, the class numbers for bitches are followed by the letter 'a', ie. Baby Puppy Bitch Class 1a.

  • Class 1  Baby Puppy - for dogs of three and under six months of age
  • Class 2  Minor Puppy  - for dogs of six and under nine months of age
  • Class 3  Puppy - for dogs of six and under 12 months of age
  • Class 4  Junior - for dogs of nine and under 18 months of age
  • Class 5  Intermediate - for dogs of 18 months and under 36 months of age
  • Class 6  Novice - for dogs six months of age or over which have not won a first prize at any open show or championship show
  • Class 7  Graduate - for dogs six months of age or over which have not won a challenge certificate
  • Class 8  Limit - for dogs over 12 months of age which are not champions or have not gained sufficient points to qualify as a champion
  • Class 9  State Bred - for dogs six months of age or over whelped (born) in the state in which it is exhibited
  • Class 10  Australian Bred - for dogs six months of age or over whelped (born) in Australia
  • Class 11  Open - for dogs six months of age and over
  • Class 12  Veteran - for dogs seven years and over
  • Class 13  Veteran - for dogs 10 years and over
  • Class 14  Bred by Exhibitor - for dogs six months of age and over
  • Class 15  Puppy Neuter - for neuter dogs aged six and under 12 months
  • Class 16  Junior Neuter - for neuter dogs aged nine and under 18 months
  • Class 17  Intermediate Neuter - for neuter dogs aged 18 and under 36 months
  • Class 18  Open Neuter - for neuter dogs aged six months or over
  • Class 21  Champion - for all champions entering an open show

Note: Occasionally, desexed exhibits sweepstakes are conducted at shows.
Age classes are occasionally reviewed and altered by Dogs Australia, and notifications are printed in the Gazette