Breeder Resources

This page contains all of the information, forms and templates that you might need as a Dogs Victoria Registered Breeder.

New to Breeding? Or looking to update your knowledge?

You can read our Breeder Education Booklet - 2nd Edition which contains information for every step along the way. From getting started, through to whelping and assessing your litter. 

The booklet also contains up to date information to ensure that you meet all of the requirements of both Dogs Victoria and the Victorian State Government.

We also have a quick and easy Breeder Check List for each step of the breeding process - from becoming a Dogs Victoria Breeder to selling your puppies.

Breeder Fact Sheets

Browse a range of over 30 fact sheets related to all aspects of breeding

Dogs Australia Guidelines for Breeders

Dogs Australia (Australian National Kennel Council or 'ANKC') has also produced a document entitled Guidelines for Breeders which may also be useful if you are considering becoming a breeder.

Breeder ‘Template’ documents

These template documents have been developed to assist with meeting your requirements under the Dogs Victoria Regulations.   

Of course, you are more than welcome to develop your own documents to meet the requirements, or your veterinarian may already have a template they have developed themselves that they prefer to use – that is fine!

Soon to be updated:

Model Agreements of Sale:


Breeder Forms

Need to lodge breeder-related paperwork with Dogs Victoria? Here are the links to all of the forms you may need....

Wanting to Become a Registered Breeder?

Breeder Series Program (Education Package) Application
Application for a Breeders Prefix

Dogs Victoria Membership Application

**Please be aware that a minimum membership period applies before you are eligible to become a Dogs Victoria Breeder**

Need to Change the Ownership of Your Prefix?

Prefix Syndicate / Joint Prefix Ownership
Transfer of Breeder's Prefix  

Need to Register Your Litter?

Litter Registration Form
Summary of Litter Registration

Planning on Using Frozen Semen?

Dogs Australia Procedure and forms for the registration of frozen semen
Application for duplicate registration certificate-semen/stud purposes
Application to Transfer Frozen Semen
Re-registration of Imported Dog or Semen 

Other Forms you might need..

Export Dog Application

Duplicate Pedigree Certificate Application 

Dogs Victoria Procedure for the Exhibition/Trial of Docked Tail Breeds
Shortened Tail Identification Card (Dogs Whelped in Australia)
Shortened Tail Identification Card (Dogs Whelped Overseas) 

Scale of Charges

Scale of Charges (current Fees)

Please take the time to to read the 'Most common mistakes made' when submitting paperwork to Dogs Victoria to avoid additional processing delays. 



Code of Practice Video
This video from 2019 helps to explain the changes to Victorian Legislation that affect Dogs Victoria Breeders.