Judges Forms & Contracts


Dogs Australia Judges Contract
Dogs Australia Overseas Judges Application
Dogs Australia Breed Listing

Sub-contract Agreement
Procedure for Clubs Contracting Overseas Judges

Junior Handler Judges Application and information can be found HERE

Rally & Obedience Trial Judging Charts

Community Companion Dog Class Obedience Trial PDF DOC
Novice Class Obedience Trial PDF DOC
Open Class Obedience Trial PDF DOC
Utility Dog Class Obedience Trial PDF  DOC
Utility Dog Excellent Class Obedience Trial PDF DOC
Dogs Australia Rally Judges Chart
Dogs Australia Rally Individual Score Sheet

Endurance Judging Sheets - EXCEL

Herding Judges Evaluation Forms

Dogs Australia Instinct Test
Dogs Australia Herding Test
Dogs Australia Pre-Trial Test
Herding Judges Report

Dogs Australia Official Scoresheets for Herding Trials

Course A
Course B
Course C

Please note that Dogs Australia will only accept CURRENT forms.

Junior Handler Results Sheets

Junior Handlers Result Sheet 7-under 10
Junior Handlers Result Sheet 10-under 13
Junior Handlers Results Sheet 13-18