Becoming a Junior Handler Judge

To apply to become a junior handler judge, please submit the following:

You can download the Dogs Australia Junior Handler Manual and which will reduce the processing fee to $6. If you do this, please return the completed exam along with the items above. If you would prefer us to post the manual and exam to you the fee will be $10 and the exam will then need to be submitted separately.

Thank you for helping us to support this positive program by becoming a junior handler judge and encouraging affiliates to hold junior handler events in conjunction with their regular shows by making yourself available.

Working with Children Check

Do I need a Working with Children Check? 

Read more here on how these rules apply to Dogs Victoria sanctioned events.

About the Check

The Working with Children (WWC) Check commenced operation in April 2006. It contributes to the safety of Victoria’s children when they are being cared for, or participating in a range of activities, by seeking to prevent those who pose a risk to the safety of children from working with them, in either paid or volunteer work.

The Working with Children Act 2005 requires that people who work or volunteer in certain child-related work apply for, and pass, a WWC Check. It aims to strike a balance between protecting children under 18 years of age, promoting volunteering and safeguarding the rights of individuals.

Applicants are checked to make sure their record does not include any criminal offences specified in the Act or findings by a specified professional disciplinary body (current only the Victorian Institute of Teaching and the out home care Suitability Panel). Criminal offences not specified in the Act can also be considered if there is a potential link to a risk to the safety of children and exceptional circumstances may exist that justify refusal of the application.

Application Process

Applications are available from all Australia Post outlets. Before applying for a Working with Children (WWC) Check, you need to complete your application form and lodge it at a participating Australia Post outlet with your original identification documents and your passport-size photograph. If you undertake paid “child-related work”, you will also be required to pay the application fee at this time. There is no cost to apply as a volunteer.

The following steps will be undertaken to process your application:

  • Proof of identity check
  • National police records check
  • Professional disciplinary body check (currently only the Victorian Institute of Teaching and the out of home care Suitability Panel)
  • Assessment of any criminal offences and/or findings from a professional disciplinary body
  • Where required, the Department of Justice may seek further information from your or others
  • If an Interim Negative Notice is issued, you may lodge a submission explaining why you believe you should pass the Check, which will be considered by the department in assessing your application
  • Decision and issue of Assessment Notice or Negative Notice
  • Negative Notices may be appealed to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal.


Volunteers do not need to pay the application fee as this cost is being met by the Victorian Government. It is an offence for volunteers to use their “volunteer” Assessment Notice and WWC Check card for “child-related work” that is for profit or gain. If you are moving from a volunteer to a paid position, you will need to apply for an “employee” WWC Check and pay the application fee when you lodge your application.

You are considered a volunteer even if the organisation reimburses you for expenses you incur.

Further information can be found on the website of the Department of Justice at or by calling the Information Line on 1300 652 879.