Brief History
The national treasure of Japan, the Akita is named after its place of Origin, the Odate region in Akita Prefecture. A very versatile breed, they were used as guardians of the family, hunting, tracking and companionship.

Average Life Span
When considering a dog, please realise that you are taking it on for its lifetime.

The average life span is 10 to 12 years.

Highly intelligent, therefore they can be mistakenly taken to be stubborn during training when in actual fact they can become very board with regimented training. “Independent Mindedness”, loyal and protective of their family.  Akita’s can show dominance over other dogs.

General Breed Description
The Akita is a large, broad headed dog, with erect ears, small eyes and a curled tail. He is majestic, highly intelligent, protective of his family and can be dominant over other dogs. Early socialisation is the key to ensuring your Akita becomes adaptable to his surroundings. He needs clear boundaries set as a puppy, so he understands where he fits within the family unit. An exceptionally clean dog with a calm demeanour if socialised well. Although the Akita is suited to both indoors and outdoors, his time spent indoors with the family is where he will gain all his social learning. They are not a breed to be left outside and constantly left to their own resources. The Akita can have a high prey drive, so very suitable fencing is a must, as is walking on a lead. Make the Akita part of the family and you will enjoy years of love and loyalty. The Akita comes in all colours and markings.

Coat and Care Requirements
The Akita does not have a doggy odour and is exceptionally clean. Coat maintenance is not exceptionally high, but we do recommend he has a bath and is dried with a good dog dryer ever few months. The Akita will drop almost their entire coat once or twice a year and during this time grooming is essential. We recommend that you bath, and blow dry the coat to help the process. You will also need a good vacuum cleaner for the house during this time!

Height: Males 67 to 71cms (26 to 28ins), Females 61 to 66cms (24 to 26ins).

All breeds have individual health issues. When speaking to breeders it is recommended you enquire about breed’s health and what health testing the breeder does. The Akita is generally a healthy breed, health conditions do occur occasionally. These may include Hip Dysplasia (HD) and Elbow Dysplasia. Due to the size and weight of the Akita it is recommended that parents are screened for this.

They are a great family dog. However, some guidance from an experienced Akita owner is recommended if you are a first time Akita owner. They do not mix with the same sex dog very well, so we encourage the opposite sex if introducing a second into a family with a dog. They will co-exist with cats very well if introduced as a puppy.

In Conclusion
Now you know a little more about this breed. If you have decided this is the dog for you and wish to investigate further, please contact the Breed Club or Dogs Victoria. They will be able to give you information about available puppies and also suggest dog events where you can see the breed and speak to breeders. In this way you will gain a better perspective of the breed and its needs. With any breed of dog, it is important to research and determine suitability for your lifestyle before committing to a puppy which will be a part of your family for many years to come.

Whilst many breeds are recommended for families, it is imperative that when children are with dogs they are supervised at all times. Basic obedience training is a vital part of dog ownership.

Dogs Victoria is about the responsible ownership of all dogs and in particular the preservation of pure breeds.

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