Becoming a Trick Dog Judge

Becoming a Trick Dog Judge

The judges training content of the program is facilitated by the Dances with Dogs Committee chaired by Sue Cordwell

The following information is designed to help you understand the requirements and assist trainee judges in sourcing the information needed.

Dogs Australia Regulations – Judges Training

The Judges Training Program is conducted under Dogs Australia Regulations and is a national scheme. Please click here to download the national Judges Code of Practice and Conduct.

The regulations for trick dog judges can be sourced, downloaded and/or printed by clicking here 

 Trick Dog classes are:

  • Starter
  • Novice
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Information for Prospective Trainees

Some of the requirements include:

  • Three year membership of Dogs Victoria
  • Be over the age of 18 years
  • Reside in Victoria
  • Have personally trained, competed with and achieved a minimum of two qualifying certificates for a dog in starter class in trick dog tests
  • Have experience in related club or training activities, in any Dogs Australia discipline
  • Be approved by the Dogs Victoria

Method of Education (Self Education)

Trainees will be required to:

  • Educate themselves by being conversant with the Dogs Victoria Rules and Regulations relevant to trick dog tests
  • Attend at least 80 percent of lectures and practical training sessions
  • Study the Rules for the Conduct of Trick Dog Tests
  • Undertake practice judging at the relevant level under the supervision of an approved trainer
  • Undertake stewarding responsibilities at a minimum of three sanctioned competitions

Written Examinations and Practical Assessments

Examination papers shall comprise between 25 – 50 questions. A trainee must pass the written examination in order to undertake the practical assessment. Written assessments require an 80% pass mark.

Want to know more?

For more information on how you can become a Dogs Victoria Tricks Dog Judge contact the chairperson of the Dances with Dogs Committee 

Please click on the following link for more information about the sport of Trick Dogs.