Becoming an Earthdog Judge

How to Become an Earthdog Judge

The judges training content of the program is facilitated by the Earthdog Committee chaired by Jan Cooke

The following information is designed to help you understand the requirements and assist trainee judges in sourcing the information needed.


Dogs Australia Regulations – Judges Training

The Judges Training Program is conducted under Dogs Australia Regulations and is a national scheme. Please click here to download the national Judges Code of Practice and Conduct.

The regulations for earthdog judges training scheme can be sourced, downloaded and/or printed by clicking here.

Information for Prospective Trainees

Some of the requirements include:

  • Three year continuous membership of Dogs Victoria
  • Have owned an eligible breed for a period of more than five years
  • The applicant must be eighteen years of age, or more, at the time of making application to become a trainee earthdog judge
  • The applicant must have gained an earthdog title on at least one dog in earthdog test, prior to submitting the application
  • The applicant must provide a supporting letter from a club official, earthdog judge or other official outlining the applicant’s contribution and commitment ot the conduct of the sport over a minimum of a three year period
  • The applicant is required to pass a written examination on the rules of Dogs Victoria
  • Been approved by Dogs Victoria


Terms used in these Regulations are defined below:

  • Aspiring Judge – A person who has submitted an application to enter the training scheme for earthdog judges
  • Trainee Judge – A person who has been approved by Dogs Victoria to be on the training scheme for earthdog judges
  • Earthdog Judge – A person who is qualified to judge earthdog tests, at junior, senior or master levels

Training Requirements for Trainee Earthdog Judges

Trainees complete the following training:

  • Participate in the setting up of earths for earthdog test on at least three occasions
  • Act as a steward for earthdog trials on at least three occasions
  • Act as time keeper to full judge on at least three occasions

Written Examinations and Practical Assessments

Examination papers shall comprise of short answer questions and/or multi-choice questions. The minimum pass mark is 75% for both sections of the examination.


Want to know more?

For more information on how you can become a Dogs Victoria Earthdog Judge contact the chairperson of the Earthdog Committee 

Please click on the following link for more information about the sport of Earthdog.