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KCC Park (State Dog Centre)

Address: 655 Westernport Highway (Dandenong-Hastings Rd), Skye, Victoria 3977 

  • From Tullamarine Airport or the city, follow Citylink toward the South East Suburbs and the M1 (Monash Freeway)
  • Exit/merge onto the M1
  • Follow the M1 along to Dandenong 
  • Exit/merge onto the M420 (South Gippsland Highway) toward Phillip Island
  • Merge onto the M780 (Western Port Highway) toward Hastings
  • KCC Park will be on your right hand side just after the traffic lights at Thompsons Road


About KCC Park

KCC Park (State Dog Centre) is Member Only facility owned by Dogs Victoria and consists of 74 acres. 

It includes fenced off-lead areas, a dam for doggy swimming and a large indoor and outdoor areas used for on-lead exercise, obedience and other training, breed conformation shows and dog sport trials and competitions. There are also barbecues and picnic tables that Dogs Victoria members can use any time the park is open.   Download a map of KCC Park (.pdf).  

Dog events are held at KCC Park on most weekends of the year and these events are open to the public, entry is free.

Note: No trailers or vehicles are permitted on lawn areas throughout KCC Park. This is to protect the lawn itself, and also the complex system of below-surface irrigation that has been installed.

The Dogs Victoria office is open from Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.
For phone enquiries please call 03 9788 2500 or email

Small Off Lead Exercise Areas

Three new exercise runs were opened at KCC Park in August 2019.

This was made possible by the generous donation from the Whippet Association of Victoria.

These off lead areas are open to all members who visit the Park.


Large Off Lead Fenced Area

The larger fenced area to the south of the Park has for many years been used for lure coursing, followed by herding when that discipline commenced. Clubs representing these activities provided substantial funding, plus manpower, to fence the area, making it more suitable for their sports.

It wasn’t long before Dogs Victoria members decided that this space was ideal for safe off-leash exercise for their dogs.  Please take note of the the following when using this area:-

  1. If the ground is obviously being set up or used for either lure coursing or herding, the entire area is out of bounds for all other usage
  2. If a member is already using the area at any other times, please wait until they leave before entering with your own dogs. However, please be considerate and give others a turn if they are waiting. We suggest 15 minutes is enough, you may be able to come back later after taking a pleasant lead walk around the rest of the Park and resume your free running.
  3. Please read the conditions of use displayed near the entrances
  4. Please pick up after your dogs, using bags and bins provided.

N.B.  Dogs Victoria affiliated clubs sometimes book the large-off lead area for events such as herding and lure coursing.  Please contact the office to find out if the area will be available for your use on the weekend.  

These facilities are a great asset for Dogs Victoria members and we wish to ensure maximum usage, so care and share and set a good example for your dog/s!

A reminder that unless you are in designated, fenced off-lead areas or are participating in training or competition, your dog must be kept on a lead at all times at KCC Park.