Therapy Dog


A small but dedicated group of volunteers who with their own dogs visit a variety of places around Victoria. There is a wide variety of dogs such as Corgis, Great Danes, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Poodles and Labradors.

These dogs have been well socialised from very early puppyhood, ie. Puppy vet school, going to shopping strips, farmers markets and meeting people in a positive environment. This combined with some basic obedience, sit, stay and walking quietly on a leash are the makings of a potential therapy dog.

Dogs should be able to deal with unusual situations and the likes of wheelchairs, walking frames, hospital and rehab equipment all the while being friendly without being boisterous. We look for experienced owner/handlers in tune with their dogs and able to interpret various situations.

The owner/handlers too should possess certain people skills and be sensitive to the ways of the elderly and unwell. Of course spare time to volunteer usually during the week is essential.

Further information can be obtained from Nicola Abell Therapy Dog Co-Ordinator on 0468 999 610.
This is done on a volunteer basis.

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