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Other Training Resources

All dogs require some level of training to ensure they are good citizens within the community and are pleasant to live with at home.  Whilst this may start with a Puppy class either at your local vet or in a safe environment with a local trainer, you may want to continue on to further training, particularly with your ‘adolescent’ dog.  

Dogs Victoria Affiliated Obedience/Training clubs offer inexpensive, community-based training programs for ALL dogs (large and small, pure-bred and mixed breed) where you can get advice from experienced trainers and learn how to train your dog all the basic behaviours that will help you both at home and out on walks. 

These clubs offer everything from basic pet dog ‘manners’ classes through to competition level obedience as well as activity specific training for the various dog ‘sports’.  Some even offer puppy classes.  Classes usually run every week, and they are a great opportunity to get your dog used to listening to you with the excitement of other dogs around.

You can also visit the Dogs Victoria Laurie Luxmoore Library for a large selection on training books and all other dog topics.